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Still not present in App Store (US)
I don't see it in the App Store yet... Been waiting for this!
I agree. Like offering one single chip and then kicking back and eating the bag in their presence.
This looks beautiful! Will we be able to thumb through versions of documents on every device also? Or only on the device on which it was being created? Color me excited.
I see so much snarkiness spat about with regard to the ridiculousness surrounding even the mere possibility of Apple offering televisions and most of it is in reference to the utter lack of profit it would generate due to the availability of other screens; highlighting the AppleTV box as far superior. If such is the case, why produce the iMac? Why not focus all attention on Mac Mini and let all the other companies duke it out over the peripherals? Apple's schtick is...
Being a newly transplanted NYC resident, I'm hugely excited about this! As an aside, I've never been in an Apple store that was full of noisy dock displays. The stores in South Florida (Galleria Mall and Boca Towncenter) were full of chattering people, but never any music or Garageband jamming. At least whenever I was there...
[pedantic]The English plural forums is preferred to the Latin plural fora in normal English usage.[/pedantic] Carry on.
There are studies that indicate a reduction in reaction time when attention is divided between a phone conversation and the road, which impacts driving and accident avoidance considerably.One hand on the wheel is half the control of two.
Everybody's gotta start somewhere.
Or that Freedompress.org and a coalition of unrelated Librarians and information professionals are making grass-roots efforts to stop the evil actions of Apple with respect to them heeding pressure from content holders and filing for patents that allow suspension of video and camera capabilities when iPhone users attend concerts and the like.Shut down our ability to communicate visual information at concerts may seem innocuous, until governmental bodies seize control and...
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