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The thing I mostly miss is the ability to use a stylus when it is a better choice than a fingertip. The finger is a blunt tool and a stylus is more precise. There's other stuff too, like battery life, but it's been a while since I used the Treo. And BTW, WRT to market share, the Treo is no longer being manufactured, AFAIK.
Who has said that the 'Pad would be an epic fail?
Thanks. There's a huge difference between posting inconvenient truths and violating forum rules.
One trick that you can try is to rotate the picture 180 degrees. It will not rotate past that. It doesn't help in landscape mode, but you can use the trick in portrait mode.
OK. I'll accept your correction if I can add "extremely" in front of "annoying". As of now, I have an ebook reader which corrects the omission in the iOS/hardware, so it no longer is even slightly annoying. But until I found a 'reader that would do it, it was extremely annoying to have the page turn unexpectedly. I find that there's LOTS of stuff like that on the iPhone. It would be fine if the thing were configurable, but the omissions of basic functionality still bug...
Its a bandwagon type thing; like belonging to a club. It is the same motivation as that which inspires folks to wear logoed clothing or list their purchases in their sigs.Typically it is a yearning of folks who want to think the same, rather than think different.
But Apple has a built-in cult of followers who will buy sight unseen. It would not surprise me if they numbered upwards of a half-million, or even more. They are in an enviable position in that regard.
You can fool some of the people all of the time.
Good one!
Before my iPhone, I had a Palm Treo. It did many things better than the iPhone. On balance, the iPhone is better, but the Treo still beats it in some areas.Are you aware that for every iPhone that a consumer buys, three other consumers choose a different smartphone?Given that Apple "controls" barely a quarter of the smartphone market, this seems pretty far fetched.
New Posts  All Forums: