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There's no real way for us to know.
I never made any such contention. I said that the "only 2" policy reminded me of the "get a crowd out front" policy. The only contention was that I was reminded. It is a common technique. It may be that Apple really has problems supplying adequete product to meet demand, but I have no proof of that. There was a repart to that effect a week ago or so, but my impression was that it had been debunked.
Your wish is not my command. Your desires can be handled perfectly well on your end. Take some personal responsibility.
Here's what it meant: The use of artificial scarcity is a common technique to pique consumer interest. From now on, I'll try to make my statements simple and easy enough for Apple's target demographic to understand.
The iPad is not designed for geeks.
This accusation is both baseless and insulting.
Good man; good policy.
Frivolous complaints can get you banned from this forum.
What would interest me is an HDMI output.
That makes sense. What would be optimal would be to allow sophisticated users to have increased funtionality, while the rest can simply ignore it with relative impunity. Kind of like automatic transmissions that can be used like manual transmissions, if, as and when it is advantageous. Those who know what they are doing are able to get better performance, and the rest can ignore it, and use overdrive when pulling a trailer. This fits in well with "make things as simple as...
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