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How do you reconcile your opinion with these facts? Apple plugs 16 holes in Safari as Pwn2Own looms Computerworld - Gregg Keizer - ‎1 hour ago‎ Computerworld - Two weeks before a browser hacking contest is to kick off in Vancouver, British Columbia, Apple yesterday patched 16 vulnerabilities in Safari, 12 of them critical bugs that could be used to hijack a machine.
It would kill me to live in fear that my entire system might crash if I click on a web link. Doesn't that ruin the internet experience for you?
The Enquirer's headline is something like "Apple Finally Adds Basic Functionality to iPhone".
Good to know. Thanks.
The reason is similar to why you have stuff like a temperature gauge on your car's dashboard. Generally, more information is more useful than less information. Seeing which apps are running will help you to decide what to do in certain situations.
Like the guy yesterday, you seem to be mistaking an example for a definition.
Very impressive. Amazing even. Likely their decision to sell im more countries was a large contributing factor. Did you notice that Android penetration was up almost 800% in the same time period?
To paraphrase somebody much wiser than me, things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler than that. My take is that too often, Apple simply deletes functionality in an attempt to make things simple enough for their target consumer.
This reminds me of the times you wait in line for an hour at a nightclub, and then the place is practically empty when you get inside.
The iPad is not made for geeks. I hope that you are not disappointed with its limitations.
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