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That is a huge problem when litigating tech patents. By the time there's a decision, the tech is too often obsolete.
Worked fine for me using Firefox.
It is truly sad when companies rip off other's technology instead of innovating.
Your wish is not my command. Take some personal responsibility. Folks will not comply with your unreasonable demands. Use your own initiative and killfile me.
Naw. despite having lots of software, there are significant disadvantages. As of now, I have an iPhone, given that I'm locked in to ATT. Of their offerings, the iPhone is best for me.But I'm waiting to see what is offered by ATT in the coming months. So far, they've introduced the Moto Backflip, which does not interest me. The Dell Mini5 looks interesting, but I'm not sure if it will fit the bill.I'm hoping that they start selling the Nexus One clone with multitouch -...
Actually, wide screen movies rarely use 16:9. And that "nothing" includes most all television programs. And majority of LCD displays use the regular modern widescreen aspect ratio. And WRT websites, if used in portrait mode, they would require LESS scrolling, not more. Any more?
That's pretty silly. The only way to ensure full security is to turn the phone off completely. You can get a reasonable amount of security without resorting to extraordinary measures. Do you worry about security on your desktop, due to the reason that it can multitask?
You can tell by looking that both the alternatives he mentions use a normal aspect ratio, while the 'Pad uses a CRT-era aspect ratio.
Yep. He was funny, too.
Well, if we can believe the figures cited in this thread, those who are happy with Google phones grew by nearly 800% last year. And if we look purely at the end of the year, it looks like Android's growth might be accelerating.
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