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So Android's growth was nearly 800%? I didn't know that.
So then I neither said nor implied that the graph showed global sales? Thanks. What key elements did I miss from the story I linked to?
If not the Droid advertising, then what do you think accounts for the impressive growth of Android?
I surrender. This ain't worth it.
I disagree. I think that the vast majority of folks buy a product that fits their needs, and that they don't care if there's another better product that comes along. To care about such things, to REALLY care, is to be a fanboi of a multinational corporation. I've never truly understood that mindset.
I do. Of all the possible uses, that one seems most compelling. Indeed, the basic form factor of the device seems to be optimized for that use, despite diminishing the device's overall functionality. IMO, the iPad will sell well to folks looking for an eReader, because it has additional functionality thrown into the mix.
You might be right. It's sad that Apple now caters to the indifferent. Didn't they used to cater to enthusiasts? Or is that a misconception on my part?
Most folks might jump onto that bandwagon, but for the rest of us, the new stuff coming from other companies looks great.
That might happen. One could argue that Verizon's Droid advertising was very effective in driving sales.
I think the reason it isn't catching on is at least twofold: Their introduction was badly mistimed and their advertising was ineffective. Other folks opine that the hardware isn't good enough, but i am not convinced of that.At this point, I am sceptical as to whether there will ever be lots of software available for it. IMO, a platform should be chosen in large part based upon the available software.Too bad. I think the product itself is very nice.
New Posts  All Forums: