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The data suggests that the vast majority of smartphone buyers during the quarter chose to NOT get an iPhone. What do you think accounts for that?
Personally, I think that the word naive is most apt, but others here might disagree.
"Google's Android was the big gainer for the period -- seeing its market share rise to 7.1 percent, from 2.8 percent previously. Apple's iPhone experienced a small gain, edging above 25 percent, from 24.8 percent before."http://www.techflash.com/seattle/201...age_falls.html This has been pretty much all over the tech news sites for a couple of days. I thought it was common knowledge.
I'm not a "fan" of corporations. Not even sports teams. Not any actors, or any particular brand of beer. I own a Honda, and I'm satisfied, but next time around I'll look at other good brands too. I used to own Honda motorcycles, but these days, I think other companies have been making better ones. If I were to buy a Triumph or a BMW or a Harley, there's not a chance in hell that I'd buy logo-ed apparel. My identity is not bound by corporate or product sales figures,...
Does anyone thing that this sort of fragmentation of the iOS will lead to problems?
I own an iPhone. I am disappointed at the lack of capabilities. I come from years of owning pocket computers, most recently a Treo prior to the iPhone. I was shocked that the iPhone neglects basic stuff that Palm implemented over a decade ago. Forgive me for trying to be objective. Please stop making incorrect assumptions, especially about me.
I missed that story. Are the analysts reliable? Got a cite? And I didn't cherry-pick. The story I based my comments upon has been all over the tech press for a couple of days.
I think that I need to limit my vocabulary around here. Usually, I find that specific words work great to convey specific meanings. Here, however, those words seem to be often misunderstood.
You misunderstand my usage of the word divine. It had nothing whatsoever do do with any deity. I was using it as a verb and not as an adjective. If it would help, I could use smaller words.
Where did ever try to prove that the graph was global? I recall saying that it did not specify anywhere in the article.
New Posts  All Forums: