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Do you think that the new OS will perform poorly on the current hardware?
Of course. But that is just an example of the word's usage, and is not a definition.
I've refrained from reporting your insults.
The stagnation of the iPhone market share and the failure to update the OS might be linked, given that other OS's are surging in popularity. I don't know the answer. Others here have a host of explanations as to why Apple is, for example, falling further behind RIM. I asked what the heck is taking so long in catching up to the competition vis a vis OS capabilities, and pointed out that ground is being lost in the meantime.
No, I am comparing apples lack of progress in market share with the meaning of stagnation. Apple's "economic growth" is a totally different subject than their failure to grow market share. Tell me how I miscomprehend the definition of stagnation.
Interesting. Yeah - these snapshots are unreliable to discern trends.
Usually when my contract expires and I can get a subsidized one. The only exception was when I got a WinMo phone; after a few months I gave up and got a Treo, which was great. I'm stuck with ATT for another year+, but so far, they have been fine. I'm looking forward to seeing their Android phones. So far, its only the Backflip, which seems kind of crappy.
I like to state facts in a manner which blows certain types of people's minds. I like to examine and dissect shibboleths. I try to use words in an accurate manner, but also in a manner which makes folks reexamine their underlying biases.
Too late to reverse the lost momentum.
What standard do I claim others must adhere to?
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