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Microsoft is saying they're doing it to IE, too: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2...-settings.aspx
WOOOOOSH. You completely missed my point, kiddo.
You may not have intended it to be derogatory, but it came across that way. Your statement was clearly intended to disparage Rubin as evidenced by your use of dumb and ugly. By including gay in that context, it naturally implied a derogatory usage.
I was kind of thinking that too, but now I'm a little more skeptical. Why is the A in august not capitalized there on the lock screen? Is there a region format that changes the capitalization on the month? The "day date month" format is used by the UK region setting, but on my iPhone 4, the month is still capitalized.
Correction: Microsoft is adapting it's metro ui to Windows 8 after seeing Apple adapt it's iOS interface to Lion via LaunchPad. Thanks for another example of Apple being the leader and the rest followers.
You must be new to the Internet. If you go to an Android centric website, the treatment is no different. Go post on XDA about iOS or the iPhone, and you'll inevitably get the same treatment.
Prevention (so that these apps never make it to the market) would be infinitely better.
I wish I could pay another $28 dollars to override your $14 dollars to avoid such a terrible suggestion.
But... but... Android is open! It HAS to be better!
Pretty sure the "devices activated per day" was a metric Android came up with.
New Posts  All Forums: