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I made a comment about this in another thread, and with that guy's comment (which is now deleted ), I'll repeat because I think he proves my point: Android users have an unnatural obsession with technical specifications. When I bought my iPhone, I wasn't buying it for the hardware, I was buying it for the software. Android users are the exact opposite. They always buy based on hardware, even with the emergence of OEM UI skins now becoming a point of differentiation for...
Lol. Well done, sir.
It's not that they are arranged in a grid, it's the fact that they are matted with a colored rectangular background which clearly mimics the iPhone's rectangular icons. This is why Apple is claiming trade dress infringement.Uh, no.
Or you're an idiot who didn't take two seconds to find a picture of the Captivate with the app drawer open. That music player icon looks awfully familiar...
Only to the extent that it's necessary for the newest software features to run smoothly and efficiently (read: for the latest software to provide the same user experience we've grown to expect from the previous generation.) Go find me an iPhone forum where users are drooling and clamoring for a dual core CPU the way the fandroids have been for months. If iOS 4 ran fine on the 3GS's processor, and there was no battery life gain by moving to the more efficient A4 in the...
Some of these seem to be rather subjective, such as the screen size, haptic feedback, Swype, and HDMI output (what a useless "feature.") The battery metric is misleading. It implies that those phones have a longer battery life, but they do not. A removable battery is only a feature for those who can't figure out how to make the power button work when the operating system freezes. This is why Android-based products will always fall short of iOS. The entire Android community...
For the non-accountants here: Your article references consolidated sales. Sales is not profit, and consolidated means HTC + all subsidiaries for which it is required to consolidate.
I don't understand the problem. If all the apps do is publish publicly available information and don't encourage or enable drunk driving, then they're still permissible under the revised terms of the App Store.
I suspect you do not know about market capitalization.
Hardware specs. Who can cram the most superfluously powerful smartphone components into an iPhone-esque design? The one exception is battery size/life.
New Posts  All Forums: