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40% of 36,000 = 14,400 developers, not apps. Lets keep the correct units when doing our mathematical equations here. If WP7 has reported more than 14,400 apps, then it would suggest some developers have published more than one app.
You have this profound delusion that your expectations as to how smartphones operate somehow mirrors the average consumer. I am intrigued. Can you explain?
In theory you might be right, but in practice, that simply isn't the case. So many applications are poorly written that, when combined with Android's multitasking, create serious issues in terms of performance, battery life and usability.Remember when the Facebook app was overhauled to try to match the iOS version? There was a partial wake lock bug. My Droid dropped 30% battery between 8 am and lunch from just sitting on my desk.
I as already stated in this thread once: It's not simply about cost at point of purchase, but cost after purchase. The number of free applications in the Android market versus... every other app store is heavily in favor of free apps. It's cheaper to own an Android phone with you pay so little for apps.http://techcrunch.com/2010/07/05/distimo-june-2010/
It's not simply about cost at point of purchase, but cost after purchase. http://techcrunch.com/2010/07/05/distimo-june-2010/
Sounds like you got bad service, or the rep misunderstood you when you said "corporate e-mail." But I can attest to exchange not being extra for individual accounts. My firm uses exchange, and all of my email, contacts, and calendar synced out of the box and my monthly statement has only two charges: 59.99 and 29.99. One for voice and the other for data.
This is only true for corporate accounts. The standard 29.99 data pack you are required to purchase at the minimum, it includes exchange support. There is no additional cost for this feature for individual and family plans.
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