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I've had Sprint, T-Mobile, and Cingular before it merged with AT&T, which improved 1000% after the merge. I don't think AT&T has great service, but it has been the best that I've had. If Apple releases a phone on Verizon, I would definitely jump on the wagon, but only to see the quality of the network. I simply don't believe the hype of it being the best. AT&T has struggle to keep up with demand, but it is catching up. I don't think any US network would have been really...
I did not know that. I still have one other USB cable in case this one fails, but I would like a power adapter...though I think I threw it out already. Oh well, good to know that the cables can easily be replaced. Thanks!
I like being able to back up my iPhone data to my macbook pro, which in turn, gets backed up to my Time Machine. However, I wish I could do this in the background, wirelessly. The joint at the base of two USB cables (the one that came with my iPhone and the one that came with my old iPod Mini) have been rendered useless because of a crack due to a sh*tty design by apple. One of the prongs of the power adapter came lose, too, and so now I can only recharge my phone by...
If apple is jumping to attack Verizon's network, can there be any truth to the rumor that apple will release an iPhone that works in Verizon's network next year? Although, it could, in theory, work in apples favor in the end...Interesting!
They totally deserve it. You can't just blame the people who help create and promote ways to jailbreak a phone. If you, as the end user, don't know enough to know what you're doing, stick with what you got.\
This is so stupid! If you like Mac OS X so much, why not buy a mac, instead of buying a piece of sh*t netbook.
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