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Me too. Why isn't the iPhone 4 supported, anyway? Obviously it's not a "special feature" tied to the new models since not every country is supported. It can't be a hardware issue, could it?
When faced with death, I'm sure we will all have regrets. It is sad that it takes death to realize how special the people in our lives really are, but we're all human with fears, wishes and thoughts that drive our sad, and boring daily lives at the expense of those we love.
Steve Jobs is dead.
I don't think so, Apple is just following its naming scheme. Wouldn't apple call the next phone "iPhone 4G" if it were about the network. Didn't they do that for the 2nd generation phone, when it was capable of 3G speeds?
....Unapproved because of "lentes manchados"?!?...Stained lenses?
The hypocrisy that is Google. Weren't they claiming that they wanted Nortel's patent portfolio because Google, as a young company, doesn't have much on its patent arsenal?
Companies hold patents to make money. Whether Google distributes the technology free of charge or not, it would still make money off the technology because it would distribute its OS more freely, thereby channeling the web traffic through their bread and butter: searches. Apple and Microsoft are doing the same thing that Google would have done.
There you go, Americans. You don't have to be mad about the Chinese stealing your manufacturing jobs. Robots will be taking their jobs...oh sweet revenge. )
Let's just hope that Apple isn't vilified once it becomes the largest market cap company as Exxon-Mobil is. Of course, these two companies are in very different industries and Exxon is in a much dirtier industry. That said, Apple will have to ensure working conditions are suitable in their contracted manufacturing plants so that they don't have to deal with the allegations of worker abuse; otherwise, Apple will be looked at in the same light as Exxon.
I agree. I'm surprised this installation issue didn't pop up during beta testing. Betas are buggy so it is recommended that you use a computer where you don't have your data on or a separate partition. If this is in fact a installation issue due to partitions, you would think this problem would have come up/dealt with then.\
New Posts  All Forums: