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Do you have multiple partitions on your drive?
I was thinking the same thing. He accuses competitors of not innovating, but clearly they are since HTC/Google are being accused of using innovation from Apple.
Yep, Patriot Act will supersede this.
What's with the euphemisms? Appropriating? [R]ipping off? I read articles about this on other sites and most say apple accused of stealing?
Same here.
I don't see the real benefit of this. I actually like to keep all my data in my own device and not a cloud that anyone will have access to it, by everyone I mean the government and of course, hackers who may also work for the government.
"So why the f--- doesn't it do that?" Haha! If this is true, I would have loved to have been a fly in the wall.
I know this was supposed to have been a bug that had been fixed, but I have been having this problem since I bought the phone. People have hung up on me because they thought I had hung up on them or the call had been dropped but in all times, I've hit the mute button with my face. It is aggravating.
Okay, so I know that this is an Apple blog, but shouldn't the headline be more along the lines of, "Apple, Toshiba defy Market"? They both have similar market share and they both grew when others went down. The headline is a little deceiving, no? Just saying...
I thought we had stablished the fact that all phones suffer from this if you hold them in a certain way that blocks the antenna.
New Posts  All Forums: