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I upgraded to the family pack in January but the accounts I combined had expiration dates four months apart, so not only did I have to pay for the family pack, I also had to pay an upgrade fee so that both can have the same expiration date.
Too many rumors. A lot of people are going to be disappointed tomorrow.
RFID and NFC are great but why doesn't apple stick to the basics? Like wireless syncing. And I don't mean my calendar and email. \
The first five minutes; ooohh, those are usually the best out of the whole movie.
Well, the truth of the matter is that we are all paying approximately the same percent that you are, when you include federal, state, local, property, sales tax, etc. The question is who is more likely to afford it? The person that is making minimum wage and struggling to make ends meet or the rich billionaire who can own a mansion, abandon it for 10 years to demolish it to build another house? I don't understand how anyone can defend any corporation when it comes to taxes...
I pay for mobile me for email and to a certain extent, storage. However, if apple wants to make mobile me a bigger part of its "ecosystem," it needs to fix the problem with upload speeds. I tried to upload 300 pictures (about half a gig worth of storage) and it uploaded 196 in 6 hours. I gave up after the sixth hour. Normally, I would have given up after 30 minutes but I'm writing a grant proposal and the uploading was taking place in the background.
I second that.
I said before that I will not be giving my money to NewsCorp. And not because I think that there is a slant on the news coverage (though there really is) but simply because of misleading, sensationalized news headlines. Take a look at this page from BBCNews and look at the headline on the poster frame. I know here in the US, coverage on the Egypt turmoil has been spotty, at best, but Al Jazeera has provided amazing, fair, balance and comprehensive coverage on Egypt...
The problem with these devices, in my opinion, is that they are not multipurpose. Nobody wants to carry a cellphone, an mp3 player, a gaming device, an ebook reader, etc. People want all-in-one devices and until these other companies realize it, they will continue to make niche products. By the way, I don't just mean all-in-one devices. I mean all-in-one devices that do everything, if not all things, well.
[QUOTE=DJinTX;1793829]I care...and no that isn't a good reason. I'm kidding, do what you want. It's just surprising that anyone still has the desire given all the delays. It would have broken my will a long time ago if i were in the white iPhone camp. I hope you enjoy it. It did break my will. That's why I'm waiting until my contract ends next year. \
New Posts  All Forums: