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I do. I got a black iPhone 4 because the white wasn't available. I won't be getting one until my contract expires next year. I don't use a case on my phone, I use a clear protector. As per why someone would want a white one? I can only speak for myself and my reason is nostalgia for the original iPod. Is that a good reason? Who cares! I just want one.
Ha! You beat me to the punch line. Admittedly, I'm in NYC, so you have about a 6-hour advantage. So I say to you, well played, very well played indeed.
I think you should have patented the idea. That way you could be suing apple when it comes out with an actual device.
Exactly! Everyone is so gong ho about the iPhone coming to Verizon because it is supposed to be more "reliable" than AT&T's. I don't particularly care for either one, but I hope Verizon really is prepared for the influx of iPhone users that will suck up their bandwidth. I intent to stay with AT&T. Hopefully enough people will jump ship so that the ones that stay will have better reception...and faster connection.
With MPEGLA not charging royalties for the use of H264, I see no reason why Google would want to drop support for it....of course, other than being evil and trying to compete with Apple, which they simply can't in this instant.
After I moved out of NYC, I have really good service for my iPhone. I have to go in there from time to time for work meetings, but I hope once a bunch of people jump ship to Verizon and ruin its network, my service will go from really good to excellent....or from sucky to really good in NYC.
Well, I expect Apple's servers to be hacked next.
Yeah, here are my critical thinking skills: he owned/owns The New York Post, The Star, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Telegraph, among others...all tabloids. He has great track record of misinforming people. Whether The Daily is different or not, I refuse to give my money to some one who makes his living off misinforming people. What's your slant on it? "Let's see how this turns out."
I give it another "meh," not because it is not from a liberal outlet, but simply because Faux News really is faux. They are known for misinforming people. http://www.worldpublicopinion.org/pi..._Dec10_rpt.pdf
I want one! Come on Apple, these are pretty awesome. No one should be making money off someone else, so I say, Steve, Apple please make these.
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