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The hospital that I work for is opening up to the ipad. Executives are already using it despite the fact that the VP for the IT department is anti apple. I think they are seeing it as a way to save money on toner and paper because email attachments for meetings don't need to be printed.
I wish there was video of these test/comparison.
I hope so because I'm beginning to wonder if paying apple this money is worth it. \
My thoughts exactly.
I have a pasword and not a passcode. I don't have that problem on iPhone 4 running IOS 4.1.
I have to agree. I was very impress with the hardware, as it leaves the current iPad in the dust, but I'm sure the second iteration of the iPad will match many, if not all, the specs.
Wow! Very nice! The page loaded faster on my iphone 4 than on my 13" macbook pro.
In my opinion, there is no reason why there should be a shortage. Apple can simply release the phone later in the year when they have produced enough to supply the demand. Instead, it chooses to release the phones when it hasn't produced enough. If the white iphone is not available until a month after the other iphone is released, it shouldn't be announced. That is hype, artificial hype. But that's what apple does and what makes it so successful.
Big brother?!? This from the guys that took private information from people's wifi networks and continues to gather more private information from every single query in their search engine? Not to mentions gmail, gchat, google docs, youtube, etc. etc.
Can someone tell him about these: Objective-C, C, C++, and JavaScript. ..."THAT APPLE AND ITS TYRANNICAL LANGUAGE!"
New Posts  All Forums: