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First, the guy's dead. If he had a problem, he should have said something then, not to a paper, but to the other board members. Second, Apple is doing just fine, quite better than expected. Why? Thanks to Steve Jobs and none other than Tim Cook. Whatever happens to Jobs, he surrounded himself with competent people that have made the company what is. Steve Jobs keeps a tight control of the board members and they say nothing, it is because they are happy with the money...
That is so random!
Well, maybe the quality of the video really sucks!
To quote apple, "there's an App for that." I remember I had one that allowed you to share your location with friends whenever they asked you.
Wasn't there a Verizon story the day before the iPad launch about it preparing for something big? Did they announce anything? Has anyone heard anything?
Um, did Jobs just screw the consumer?
Like I did with the iPhone, I'm just going to wait until the second iteration of the iPad comes out. I want a camera, faster processor, and multitasking.
I"ve been asking about this since yesterday and have been trying to find info on it, but no one seems to know, as Apple doesn't list it on the tech specs.
They didn't mention memory (RAM) capacity. The Times live blog said, " 16 GB of memory, 32 or 64 Gigabytes of storage," but obviously they got this wrong.
Okay, since we are only hours away from an already confirmed new device (i.e., a tablet), can we stop circulating the rumors? Only a few hours left...please. \
New Posts  All Forums: