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I am, and I usually have to force quit the plugin within Activity Viewer so that Safari can respond. I know Adobe is partly to blame, which is the reason why I'm glad YouTube and Vimeo have switched to HTML5.I use clicktoflash, but a lot of the content on the web is flash-based, so there is no way of avoiding it...I've whitelisted a few sites that crash Safari.I've done this and I refuse to do a clean install on my macbook pro because of flash, but maybe I missed...
At this point, I only care about one problem, a big problem: Flash. APPLE, FIX F*CKING FLASH CRASHES IN SAFARI!!
Thank you for the info.Donation made.
In the end it all comes down to government regulation, or the lack thereof. Washington is funded by lobbyist (from telecom and other industries), so the consumer ends up getting screwed.
Meanwhile, Apple's lawyers burning the midnight oil trying to find a way to show Kodak infringing on one of its patents for a countersuit.
This sounds like devolution. Why would we go back to a stylus? I know someone mentioned cold weather, which to a certain extent, I can understand, but I live in NYC where the winters can be really cold, and I just take my gloves off when I need to do something on the iPhone...mind you, that only happens when I'm on my way to the subway, so I can wait until I'm in a warm place to use the iPhone.
I don't understand how this would be of any use. The only use I can think of is for taking self pictures, as it is difficult to do with the iPhone's camera software...but to quote apple, "there's an app for that." In fact, there's many apps that fix this with timed picture taking.
Doesn't Verizon own Alltel? Why are they listed separately? Is there a map for that?
Am I the only one who thinks the removable battery is BS?
Maybe he doesn't but I'm sure the software writers for his company do. After all, they made the Pre sync with iTunes...several times after Apple release patches to prevent them from doing it. They used Apple's USB ID, for f*cks sake.
New Posts  All Forums: