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I felt it was definitely condescending towards the press. The formula: Take a real-life breaking news story that the collective press dropped the ball on, and have Sorkin's fictional, near-perfect news organization cover the story the way it *should* have been covered. In the pilot episode, ACN solves the mysteries of what happened at Deepwater Horizon in hours. A few episodes later, they figured out that Osama Bin Laden has been killed, but declined to report it because...
I took a few minutes and worded it as carefully as I could. No disrespect intended, I would just rather people talk about the movie itself (both good and bad) rather than our coverage of it.
  We find the movie and the stories surrounding the production of it to be interesting and newsworthy, and based on traffic and comments, so do our readers.
I suppose this is as good of a time as any to post a link to our commenting guidelines and remind everyone that we are specifically not interested in comments that ask, "Why is this considered news?" Our staff agrees that these comments do not contribute to an intelligent discussion.   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/184333/appleinsiders-updated-commenting-guidelines
There will be more stories throughout the week. You're not obligated to comment on all of them, or even read them.
It comes out this Friday, it's a major studio release (unlike Kutcher's film), it's considered to be an early Oscar contender and has been praised in early reviews (including mine), we had the opportunity to see it before it's in theaters so the information is new to readers, and we attended a Q&A with the cast which was full of interesting information. So, yes, we will be covering it this week. It's newsworthy.
Joni Mitchell actually wrote the song, though Judy Collins was the first to record it commercially.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Both_Sides,_Now
There's a story Jobs told Isaacson in the biography about Joni Mitchell's song "Both Sides Now," which she recorded twice, in two very different ways, at different stages in her life. Jobs was using it to talk about how people age differently and change in different ways over time. Sorkin uses that small piece from the book and turns it into a tender moment between Jobs and Lisa. Obviously entirely fictionalized, but intended as a way to get across to the audience how Jobs...
Sony optioned the rights to Isaacson's book and then hired Sorkin to write a script. Sorkin took bits and pieces of the biography and used it to frame a structure for the film. Isaacson was in attendance at Saturday's Q&A to promote the film. (He also, mistakenly, referred to Seth Rogen by another name at one point, I think maybe Josh).
This is just a weekly roundup we do, summarizing the week's biggest news and spotlighting exclusive AI content (including the podcast). People who don't want to listen to the podcast can just read this article and get caught up every Saturday on what they may have missed.
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