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DJI sent us this unit for review. They are not a sponsor in any way. We are just interested in high quality, unique iOS-connected accessories. Any promotional articles/deals are clearly labeled as such, and this isn't one. More info on this policy is available in our commenting guidelines (last paragraph): http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/184333/appleinsiders-updated-commenting-guidelines
As you can see in one of the images, palm rejection is working fine in the official AppleInsider app, even though it is not designed for Pencil or even scaled up yet for the iPad Pro. Palm rejection also works fine in plenty of apps when you're selecting items or scrolling, like Safari or Facebook or Twitter. If there's an app where palm rejection doesn't work properly, maybe that app is doing something outside of the norm.
Someone emailed and asked about pressure sensitivity, said they couldn't get it to work. Just showing here that it works fine when pencil shading or using the marker in Apple's Notes.  
I'm not sure what you're asking here. If you use an app that supports drawing and it's in the proper mode, pressing and moving the Pencil draws a line. Tilt the pencil and it can offer shading or thicker strokes, if the app supports it (Apple's Notes, for example). If you're not in a drawing mode or drawing app, then the pencil basically just replicates your fingertip. It can scroll, rotate, and interact with objects onscreen just how you'd expect. Back in January, he...
I do not have a screen protector to test. However, considering the Pencil works fine with a sheet of printer paper on top of the iPad screen, I feel pretty confident that any screen protector will also work just fine.
Do you mean hovering the Pencil over the screen without touching it? I see no support for that anywhere in any apps. I don't think it's possible with the current hardware. This is meant for interacting with the screen physically. Take this with a grain of salt, of course (I do realize he's disliked in the comments), but Ming-Chi Kuo got a lot of stuff right about the Pencil before anyone else. So if you believe what he says, he seems to think a more advanced Pencil with...
Here it is in the packaging, to the right of the pencil —it's the plastic piece toward the top. The other plastic piece inserted at the bottom is a spare nib. 
And I was referring to his questions about taking notes/scribbling.
Edge gestures are an iOS function, not an app function.
Depends on the app and whether they have drawing support. I don't see a way to draw/scribble notes in Pages. I can do that on a PDF in PDF Expert. I don't have an Office 365 subscription, so I don't know if you can scribble in the Word app. As for email, I use Mailbox and Gmail for my accounts. Gmail supports scribbles, and it works great, but Mailbox doesn't support it. Basically, if you can do it in an app with your finger, you can do it with the Pencil.
New Posts  All Forums: