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RunKeeper says it doesn't have any effect on battery life because Breeze uses the M7 coprocessor, which is already tracking motion in the background regardless. We didn't notice any significant reduction in battery life in our few days of testing.
The jerky footage you're referring to was mostly due to the weather. While hard to tell with the fisheye lens, it was very snowy and windy out. The camera is pretty stable in normal conditions, but I would say it was mostly the wind, plus some of my inexperience piloting it, that led to shaky footage. While I prefer the GoPro's quality, I really enjoyed the ability to view footage live with the Vision camera via the Wi-Fi range extender. This wouldn't be possible (as far...
It's a full-color display, which is essential for labeling green, blue and black runs on the mountain.
I don't use prescription lenses, so I can't comment on that. I will say that the screen appears much further away than it actually is, thanks to the use of prisms/mirrors (Recon claims it's the equivalent of a 14-inch screen 5 feet away).
It's not an advertisement. Details on the update were provided under embargo. We published when the update hit the App Store, as did a number of other sites.
  I've been told it's a Safari-related issue on their end that we can't really do anything about — sorry about that. Please just try resetting or disabling your cache and trying the links again, as that usually does the trick. At the moment they are all working for me in Safari.
FYI, AI actually broke the story on Apple's security-related patent application last week -- we didn't miss it at all. The part about detecting a jailbreak was actually just one small facet of a comprehensive document that we covered here: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...ual_users.html "The handset could also recognize an unauthorized user if they do certain uncharacteristic activities with the phone. Specifically named are hacking, jailbreaking, unlocking, or...
The iPod touch includes two NAND flash modules (2x32GB). The sticker reads '64G.' I've updated the original story to reflect this.
New Posts  All Forums: