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The story never mentions a parts leak, it just says leaks. Leaked schematics are still a leak.
Schematics leaked before the announcement. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/08/vague-schematics-details-hint-at-mic-speaker-rectangular-design-for-apples-iwatch
I have no problem debating the merits of the headline or the story. But using words like "click bait" and "bs" and saying that I should be "ashamed" is just inflammatory. Tone it down, please.
"Samsung's share plummeted in face of Apple gains." Apple's gains came in the fourth quarter, and Samsung's share dropped accordingly. Seems pretty clear to me.
Samsung's share fell 10% in the fourth quarter, when Apple made its gains with the iPhone 6 launch. It's all spelled out clearly in the story.
This story has absolutely zero to do with Ming-Chi Kuo, so please try to stay on topic rather than derailing the discussion.
 We're not paid to run anything by any analyst, and incorrectly suggesting that our news content is somehow paid for is a violation of our newly updated posting guidelines. Please review the updated policies below: "One last note: AppleInsider does partner with advertisers, notably in our price guides. These partnerships are always clearly identified, and our editorial staff is never asked to skew coverage based on advertising. Anything not explicitly marked as advertising...
There is a readily available button to let us know about typos: Click on the author's name on the article page and send us an email. We appreciate the heads-up and will be quick to fix any errors.
We're just going to have to disagree on this point. Ming-Chi Kuo has an extremely strong track record on Apple's future product plans, and his updates are big news to many of our readers. That said, I do appreciate your take.
It wasn't a "routine note" (it's not like he has a publishing schedule), the note had just been released (hence the fact that it was quite literally breaking news), and it was a story of considerable interest to our readers. It was our editorial decision to label it breaking news, and that policy isn't going to change. We don't have a problem with readers saying they don't believe the story in question when they're commenting on the story itself. That's fair game and it...
New Posts  All Forums: