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I added a list of compatible Macs and iOS devices to the last paragraph. I do appreciate the input. However, complaining about having previously read a general, helpful tip elsewhere on another site is not what I would consider "valuable information" contributing to the conversation here, so I'd ask that you refrain from it in the future. Thanks.
Yeah, as I said in the article, it requires Family Sharing. You could always create a family account and just have yourself on it.Agreed. You can still hide any purchase through iTunes on a computer, though that's obviously not as convenient. Just go to the iTunes Store, choose Purchased, and mouseover a purchased item to see an "X" appear in the upper left of the item. This allows you to hide music, movies, TV shows and apps.
Do you have Family Sharing enabled?
No, screenshots are from 8.0.2 on an iPhone 6. Have tested with 5s and 5 as well, but don't have a 4S to test.
Yes, keep an eye out for more content this week.
After migrating to a Family Sharing account, iTunes Match purchases are charged through the shared credit card (as are iCloud Drive subscriptions and anything else). The Match accounts themselves, however, remain unchanged and are tied to specific Apple IDs. Nothing changes except for billing.
No problems talking about Gazelle on the Gazelle thread, I just didn't want this to drift off into analyst bashing, which is a whole 'nother can of worms. Gazelle is clearly identified in the opening paragraph as a "partner" and the story obviously includes affiliate links, from which the site undoubtedly collects a commission. It is my understanding that Gazelle offered the $10 bonus exclusively to AI (hence the use of "exclusive" in the headline) and the publisher...
The article was not "paid for." Gazelle provided an exclusive 48-hour promotion to AppleInsider and the publisher of the site ran a story promoting it, clearly identifying it as a promotion. Comments on such promotions should be sent the publisher's way.I offered to separately answer any questions you might have about analyst notes and general news coverage because I handle the news side of the operation, not business or advertising. We have a staff that works very hard...
I stand by what I said: Analyst notes directly affect the stock price and are newsworthy, regardless of how much you despise them. We do not cover all analyst notes we receive (far from it, actually). I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about our editorial policies via email or PM, but please keep this thread about the Gazelle offer. I would prefer to keep discussions on topic — I only intervened here to clarify any potential misconceptions about disclosure.
This article clearly states that Gazelle is an affiliate partner offering an exclusive discount — it's plainly disclosed in the first paragraph.  Regarding investor-related news stories, we have no "relationships" with analysts like you are insinuating. Analyst notes are newsworthy because they frequently affect the stock price, and many of our readers are investors. That's it. If there was anything to disclose, we would do so.
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