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I disagree. Touch ID in the iPhone 5s was in many ways the first its kind in the industry, and Apple certainly spent substantial effort bringing that to market. You could say the same for many next-gen product improvements (Retina displays, Lightning ports, etc.). Not that it all really matters much, as the text included in the FCC filing is probably just boilerplate.
Latency was not an issue. When it works, it's on par with a standard point and shoot digital.I like your idea for a physical button on a case, but will note this device could be easily adapted to new (larger) iPhone form factors with a simple, inexpensive new plastic case for attachment to the controller.
I'll see what can be done about this.
The video was shot in landscape, and the Snappgrip app flipped and squeezed the saved video file for some reason, as I noted in the review. I simply took the screenshot in portrait orientation from the Camera Roll.
It's a review. We don't write "paid" reviews. If a company provides us a product to sample, we make note of it (as was done here).
I simultaneously used Motorola Bluetooth headphones with this product (as well as a Pebble watch) and had zero issues, for what it's worth. Can't comment on other products.
 Just to clarify, Panay did add the keyboard to the Surface Pro on the scale later in the presentation in order to show that it was still lighter than the 13-inch MacBook Air. The keyboard wasn't formally unveiled until after he had placed the Surface on the scale.
RunKeeper says it doesn't have any effect on battery life because Breeze uses the M7 coprocessor, which is already tracking motion in the background regardless. We didn't notice any significant reduction in battery life in our few days of testing.
The jerky footage you're referring to was mostly due to the weather. While hard to tell with the fisheye lens, it was very snowy and windy out. The camera is pretty stable in normal conditions, but I would say it was mostly the wind, plus some of my inexperience piloting it, that led to shaky footage. While I prefer the GoPro's quality, I really enjoyed the ability to view footage live with the Vision camera via the Wi-Fi range extender. This wouldn't be possible (as far...
It's a full-color display, which is essential for labeling green, blue and black runs on the mountain.
New Posts  All Forums: