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 Sorry about the error — it should be fixed now.
The commenter said they had never even tried our app, yet they felt compelled to log in and complain. It was not a valuable comment. Why should we host comments that go out of their way to disparage our site?
That shouldn't be happening, as long as you are logged into the same iCloud account on all of your devices.
I was simply saying that if the iPad Pro doesn't become a reality, it's unknown what else Apple might try to do to boost sales. Literally, I do not know. That's all. The device is at a crossroads, I think that much almost everyone can agree on.
I never said or even implied that "Apple is done." Apple itself has said it wants to regrow iPad sales, and I simply looked at ways it might try to do that. 
The guidelines are just as focused on trolls as they are what you refer to as "critics." We're just looking to cut down meaningless comments that distract from the conversation. The offensive comments left on this thread certainly fall under that category of comments we don't want. I just try not to personally moderate as I am not watching the forums as closely as others.
I didn't know anything about any of this until today, but I can assure you it will be taken care of. In the future anyone can email me directly and let me know.
I just oversee the news content, though I've been trying to clean up the comments as something of a side project when I have time. For example, I wrote the new commenting guidelines that we rolled out a few months ago. Admittedly I do not spend as much time in the comments as many of you. If there is a problem, I can handle it.
I reported the first post myself, as I prefer to not moderate or get involved. I'm not sure why the post was edited instead of being removed, but I've asked for an answer on that. I can assure you he doesn't work for us and there is no conspiracy to get anyone "riled up." The original post was offensive.
The story never mentions a parts leak, it just says leaks. Leaked schematics are still a leak.
New Posts  All Forums: