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The Newsstand app is done. Any publications you had in Newsstand are presented in iOS 9 as native, standalone apps. These apps are automatically placed into a home screen folder named "Newsstand."
Apparently you missed AppleInsider being featured in the News app during the WWDC 2015 keynote. 
Certainly some people such as yourself *prefer* removable batteries, and for them, they may have a different view of this product. However, I'll just note (as I did in the review) that the Mad Catz controller uses AAA batteries, not AA. All of Apple's products with removable batteries (Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, keyboard) use AA batteries, and Apple even sells their own rechargeable AA batteries, so I see even the choice of AAA over AA as a mistake. As for the removable...
Because regardless of whose "fault" it is, this is an issue that will affect anyone who buys this controller, and it hurts the product. I think anyone should be aware of this before they plunk down $50 for a controller. I'll also note that I have listed Apple's shortcomings as a "con" in every single controller review we've published. It remains an issue.
iTunes Match uploads *all* of my music to iCloud DRM-free, including songs purchased elsewhere (Amazon, ripped CDs, redeemed vinyl digital download codes, etc.). iTunes Store purchases (not Apple Music downloads) are also DRM-free, so they can be transferred to any device without the need for authorization. Google Music works exactly the same way as iTunes Match, except unlike the $25-per-year cost for iTunes Match, Google Music is 100% free. So, basically, I upload my...
There was a glitch in our publishing system. It's been fixed. Sorry about that!
The Griffin dock will work fine with the milanese loop band. Just place the watch on the stand sideways. Apple's Watch charger works fine in any orientation. I don't own a milanese loop band, so I couldn't photograph it with one.
In the first beta of iOS 9, the video can be displayed in three pre-set sizes. You cannot customize the video to any size beyond these three.
Audio already plays in the background in iOS, with Spotify or any podcast app, and can be controlled through Control Center, so I'm not exactly sure what you're asking for. PIP is video only.
 Sorry about the error — it should be fixed now.
New Posts  All Forums: