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There is a readily available button to let us know about typos: Click on the author's name on the article page and send us an email. We appreciate the heads-up and will be quick to fix any errors.
We're just going to have to disagree on this point. Ming-Chi Kuo has an extremely strong track record on Apple's future product plans, and his updates are big news to many of our readers. That said, I do appreciate your take.
It wasn't a "routine note" (it's not like he has a publishing schedule), the note had just been released (hence the fact that it was quite literally breaking news), and it was a story of considerable interest to our readers. It was our editorial decision to label it breaking news, and that policy isn't going to change. We don't have a problem with readers saying they don't believe the story in question when they're commenting on the story itself. That's fair game and it...
Readers are always welcome to email us or tweet us with corrections and typos. But complaining about them in the comments (especially when a typo does not affect the content of a story) derails the conversation. Differing opinions are OK too — we're not looking to stifle the conversation, only keep it focused. Yesterday we had a big, breaking news story that was of great interest to many of our readers, so we labeled it "breaking." Rather than talking about the merits of...
Feedback is always welcome. We're just advising commenters (both old and new) of some revisions to our comment policies. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.
We really appreciate the vibrant, opinionated and intelligent community that contributes to AppleInsider's comment section, especially those of you who have been here for many years. As the site has grown, we've noticed that an increasing number of threads that are hijacked and dragged off course by inflammatory or otherwise off-topic posts, so we've chosen to make some changes to our comment moderation guidelines.   From here on out, any comment that contributes...
I fail to see how this is "link bait." It's a news story, and it's fairly covered as such, with zero sensationalism. I welcome criticism of our content and editorial policies, but a generic "link bait" complaint isn't contributing to the conversation here.
This analyst has broken some of the biggest Apple-related scoops of the last few years. It's a big story, and it broke this morning, and that's why we used the breaking tag.
The research note was sent out this morning, we immediately began working on a story on it, and it's a big story, hence the "breaking" tag.
Heh, honestly, even I missed some of the stuff we published. There's been a lot of CES content this week.
New Posts  All Forums: