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future you need usb 2.0. if you have a powermac you can get a usb 2.0 pci card for under 10 bucks, any with an NEC chipset work i have a hauppauge hvr-950 ...works great but with an older mac you wont be able to get full 1080i playback w/out stuttering. only drawback is no clear QAM the pinnacle hd pro is the exact same as the eyetv hybrid. i would get whichever is cheapest, in fact most of the usb ones should work fine
im gonna order it this weekend. price keeps droppin so i might wait the website changes their price every 10 seconds...its annoyin right now i got it in my cart for 18.19 x 2=36.38 for 1GB. think this is the best deal i can get? wish i could get DDR RAM, they got it on this site for super cheap. any MDD G4 or G5 owners go here to load up on RAM!
did you get a response yet? i wanna jump on this before they raise the price...41 bucks for a gig doesnt sound too bad
im lookin to max out my memory.......i have a DP 1 GHz Quicksilver G4http://www.partspc.com/ProductDetail...7&ProdID=18487 is this RAM ok? it seems to be fine...168-pin unbuffered non ECC non parity. i checked the memory in my comp and its hynix what im confused about though is on the site it says this:thenim pretty sure i need 3.3v for compatibility with my G4
i have a cloth called "utlimate duster" that i've wiped my LCD monitor with. it says its safe for all surface but im paranoid about wreckin my monitor. LCDs are fragile and i dont wanna scratch it or ruin pixels. theres a spot on my monitor though thats dirt i wanna get rid of. when i turn the screen off and put it under some light there seem to be scratches inside the screen also how can i make sure i dont have any dead pixels? the screen looks fine to me but i might...
always been too lazy change my sig what happened to this place? seems like everyone disappeared this ncaa tournament sucks. wont be watchin the championship game for the 2nd yr in a row tarheels way to collapse....im still tryin to figure that one out
so i have to get RAM that is non ECC?? a lot of the DIMMS on ebay are ECC
i still only have 512MB PC133 in my DP 1 GHz G4. is it worth gettin an extra 512 or maxin it out at 1.5GB? the cheapest price on pricewatch for 512MB is 41.99. i use my computer mainly for music production, web browsin, watch OTA digital TV, movies, music, and light graphics work. my comp stutters a lot on HD content but thats likely my CPU not bein adequate. i know OS X loves RAM but is it worth it? im plannin on buildin a HTPC mac sometime soon when the funds are...
i bought a buffalo wireless pci card a couple yrs back for my quicksilver G4. it was the cheapest one they had at microcenter too......i think around 40 bucks when i got it. works perfectly and system profiler in os x lists it as an airport extreme wireless card. the model # of mine is WLI2-PCI-G54. any card with the broadcom chipset will work as its indentical to the airport cards
well i got it to work ....reverting back to an older driver version and i did do permissions repairs several times, i always do that. m-audio just sucks. i wish they would offer better suppor....there hasnt been an updated driver for my card posted in like 2 yrs. not only that but some of the features are disabled, i guess that mac os wont support them though. anyways, id still like to get the font issue worked out. anyone got any tips?
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