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12W 5W = 17W. Maybe they're just making an adapter that can charge and iPad and iPhone at the same time.
I bet they didn't have to pay 1.2 billion to acquire it Glad I'm not an HP investor.
Let us file this one under, "no shit".
Well, I'll be dammed. I still won't jump ship, but good for them. This is a really cool phone. The specs are great and it looks like they are paying attention to the things that matter.
Apple already owns the majority profit share with their current market share. Focusing on the low-cost market won't help as much as some people think. They should focus on growing their high-cost market.
I wonder how many times we can get Ballmer to say maybe in a single setting.
  I agree it's unlikely, but remember the saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
  Not sure if that will happen. Bing isn't as good as Google. However, I would welcome the idea of Apple creating their own search engine. Search would likely help in the long run given they are doing Maps now too. They're more likely to use Bing than create their own, but it's a nice thought. :)
This isn't a game of limbo.. I thought Google said they were already breaking even at $200. How can they trim off another $100? If true, this has to be at a loss.
The only reason I see Apple releasing an “iPad Mini” is to solidify its position as the tablet leader. You’d have a hard time arguing that they aren’t already, but this would allow Apple to effectively eliminate the competition with only 2 product lines.
New Posts  All Forums: