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The previous map app was written in-house by Apple.   Apple should have asked Google to write a map app.
  My guess is no retina displays and therefore no major press event. Probably just an announcement on the apple.com main page.
    It is pretty easy to find evidence that music revenues are down. For example: http://www.businessinsider.com/these-charts-explain-the-real-death-of-the-music-industry-2011-2It even has lots of pretty graphs.     I'm not blaming Apple for their ills. Why must any comment on this board be taken by some as an attack on Apple?
  What Apple did was good for the consumer, it was not good for the record companies and phone companies.   Apple took away their control. Record company revenues are down because Apple ushered in a new model where you can pick and choose individual songs for low prices. Phone companies are becoming dumb pipes. If you want music or apps you buy from iTunes. The phone company gets nothing from the deal. Apple has even taken away the ability for phone companies to...
Unfortunately I suspect the media companies are still more worried about Apple doing to them what Apple has previously done to record labels and phone companies. 
  Are you talking about Apple or Motorola?     This entire patent war is a waste. All that happens in a thermonuclear war is it forces all sides to get their own bombs and then everyone dies. No one wins.
  So would you rather they have fewer but bigger releases, maybe one a year, in which case we wouldn't get retina support till 2013.
  The "How to upgrade" page also tells users how to check which Mac they have so they know if they will be able to upgrade. 
  But this was obvious before you've seen it. To patent an idea it needs to be non-obvious to someone skilled in this area and there is nothing non-obvious about this particular patent.
Something this obvious and trivial should never be patentable.
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