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  That is a bad example, but yes I would ask friends for advice before doing something like that. If you cannot ask friends about something as unimportant as decorating, how do you ask them the really important things in life?   But sticking to the point, when I'm hanging out with my friends then everyone is allowed to make music requests.
  You "don't wanna to interact with friends" -- that is just sad.
"Military-grade spy plane" -- more likely they use a Cessna.     I wonder why is he so concerned about Google and Apple being able to see things as small as 4 inches? 
While the 3G received iOS4 it was a total disaster. The performance was abismal and it made the phone almost unusable. It would have been better if the 3G never received iOS4.   If the 3GS gets iOS6 then I hope they optimize the OS for it.
  If they release an SDK for AppleTV I'd be happy even if nothing on that list happens. Unfortunately I suspect the answer to an AppleTV SDK is not this year.       Then again I remember what happened to my iPhone 3G when I updated it to iOS4. Sometimes upgrading to the latest OS is not a good thing.
  Which is great for 3D but it doesn't tell you if a road is one way which is needed for travel directions or what the address of the nearest Starbucks is.   The battle between Google and Apple Maps (I wonder if they will come up with a better name) will not be over 3D but the quality and coverage of the map data.
Well this is an enhancement to an existing product not a new product.   The big message here seems not to be the 3D (which I assume is pretty similar to what Apple will announce next week) but just how difficult maps are to make. The history of Google Maps had some huge numbers such as 20 petabytes of imagery and 5 million miles of street view. It took Google years to get the maps to their current state and shows what an enormous task Apple is undertaking to create a...
More bad news for people using LinkedIn. Hackers are claiming to have six million LinkedIn passwords and have posted the file on the Internet.
Since Android uses the Linux kernel this could be a move by Samsung to have a greater say how Android develops.
  According to the WSJ (or was it the NYT) Google delaying the launch of Street View (as well as not offering turn-by-turn navigation) was one of the main reasons Apple started looking at their own mapping solution in the first place. I really can't see Google licensing Street View after Apple drops Google Maps.
New Posts  All Forums: