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  To the end user I don't think it matters if it was Google invented or Google acquired tech.   Good enough is also a very hard problem for maps. Just "Can I see my house?" requires massive amounts of up-to-date data.      ps 100 cities sounds impressive but that probably includes lots of small cities. Just San Francisco and Silicon Valley is something like a dozen separate cities on its own.
But Apple isn't competing against Google from 2005. Apple needs to compete with the Google of today and all the mapping knowledge and experience they have amassed since originally launching Google Maps.3D is a gimmick (and probably will be available in just a few cities). What matters is the quality of 2D maps. If Apple's replacement maps aren't as good as Google Maps today this could back fire on Apple.
Before we all start dumping voice packages and go data only, have they managed to find a solution for 911 calls?
Netflix's real strength is the vast number of devices that support it (buy a new TV, Bluray player or games console and it will come with Netflix). If Apple bought them and made it an Apple exclusive they would lose this key advantage.
I switched to Netflix after Apple added it to the AppleTV. These days I don't buy any movies/TV shows from iTunes. I did have some issues last year. I suspect Comcast was throttling the data to try to stop consumers making the switch but these days all it works without a hitch.
  Then who is going to spend $2000 when they can simply just $99 instead and get the same stuff?
Does anyone bring their own tablets to work? Accessing work emails and calendars from personal smartphones are extremely popular, but I've never seen anyone use their own tablet at work. All work tablets I've seen were bought by the company.
How many users is "tons"?   As I said in the post you quoted, it is not what someone says on the internet, it is about actual sales figures. Apple has the sales figures. The know exactly how many Mac Pros are sold each year. They know if it is worth continuing the Mac Pro.
    I don't think the Mac Pro is the equivalent of a Mercedes SLS AMG. I say it is more like a Mercedes Heavy Goods Vehicle (tractor-trailer for Americans). It is big, expensive, but it is a workhorse not a flagship. It is not the device that gives Apple its high quality reputation.         That is part of the problem. It doesn't have the halo effect that many other Apple products have. The iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro contribute towards Apple's brand helping Apple attract...
New Posts  All Forums: