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The real question is just how many people like that are there? How many sales would Apple lose if they killed off the Mac Pro? Apple knows how many Mac Pros it sells each year and any decision is going to be based on this, not on comments on the Internet.
When previously has Apple ever released something still in beta? I could easily imagine Steve Jobs being upset by that.
Is it really the flagship? It might be the fastest, but is it really the device all Apple users aspire to own? Is it the device that gives Apple it's cool image? I don't think it is. Out of Apple's range of computers the MacBook Pro is the flag ship. It might not be a practical as the Mac Pro, but it has the stronger public image.
The problem with "small profits" is companies won't really miss them if they decide to kill off the product.Are there pros who need thie extra power and capabilities of a MacPro? Absolutely. However, sales of Mac Pros are smaller than a rounding error in comparison to Apple's main products.
Poor RIM. Windows Phone is at least growing although not as fast as the overall market. But Blackberry not only lost marketshare but they ship roughly a third fewer phones. I wonder how long they can last?
  Android in Linux. iOS is Unix.
  Then they'd have to compete with Nokia who have a special deal with Microsoft.   In addition manufacturers are not allowed to modify the look of the Windows Phone OS making it much harder to differentiate themselves from the competition.
  I read that when it first came out. Yes there are lots of devices as shown in the image but in terms of variations in capabilities it is not as bad as it first looks. For example, just look at the screen sizes. At first it seems scary but most devices have roughly the same aspect ratio (as can be seen by how the points on the graph form a line) and since elements can be anchored to the edges of the screen or dynamically resized it really isn't that hard to create good...
  You don't need that many devices. You just classify devices into categories and get one of each. About 12 devices will cover pretty much everything (including tablets) and allow you to throughly test apps. For most apps you don't need that many. Just make certain to include a low end phone. Obviously this is more than with iOS but it still isn't that hard to do.   Most of the time you simply anchor elements to the edges of the screen and everything dynamically resizes....
  It isn't that hard to deal with. Certainly no more difficult than the PC used to be.
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