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I don't think they will improve this as I don't believe an Apple HDTV will include a built in Bluray player (they'll expect you to buy movies from iTunes instead) so if you want to watch your existing Bluray movies you will still need a separate player and two remotes.The real question to whether Apple succeeds is how likely are you to replace your year old TV with a new Apple HDTV (especially if the $99 AppleTV provides the same functionality)?
Doesn't Amazon make a loss on the Fire and this is with cheaper/slower components than other tablets. I could see Apple making a 7" tablet (I wouldn't mind one) but it won't be this cheap. Minimum price would likely be $300
I believe 17" is the least popular of Apple's laptops. It is a niche product so I could easily envision Apple getting rid of it. Alternatively they just might not update the design: The 13" and 15" MacBook Pros lose the optical drives and get all new and much thinner cases but have retina displays to differentiate them from the MacBook Airs, whilst 17" MacBook Pro is a carrier over of last year's model, maybe with a faster CPU.   Ask yourself this: If 17" retina displays...
Well there are rumors that Apple will drop the 17" MacBook Pro.
  This suit also involves the iTunes Store so that could be considered crossing market lines.
Had a quick Google and in 2004 Apple was estimated to have 92% of the US hdd mp3 player market. But even with just 80% it can still be argued that Apple had a dominate position.   Microsoft was convicted of using their dominate position in desktop OSes to gain an unfair advantage in browsers and media players by tying the products together. It was Microsoft's standard MO for years: add functionality into the OS and therefore drive competing products out of the market...
So was Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. Microsoft was still found guilty.It only becomes illegal when you have a monopoly. Apple had something like 95% of the portable music player market.
    And this is why, the problem will never be fixed.   If California ever tried to make Apple (or any of the other big hi-tech companies) pay more, they would simply pack up and move to a different location. No lawmaker is brave enough for that so corporations will continue to pay very little taxes.
There is something rather ironic about a group of people complaining about ad supported apps on an ad supported website.  
Carriers want exclusive phones to give consumers a reason to pick their network over the competition. So for the US instead of having one phone, ideally you produce at least four. When the Samsung Galaxy first launched that wasn't one model. Each carrier had a different version. The internals were the same, but the case design was unique. I think some even had physical keyboards.
New Posts  All Forums: