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    I always wonder about these surveys as schools buying iPads are usually schools with money and they typically do better than average schools even ignoring iPads v laptops v conventional text books.  
Parents should take responsibility; however, it gets more complex when devices don't work as one might expect. These parents are saying they throught it was safe to hand the device to their child to play. They didn't expect a window of time where their child could make purchases without a password.
Considering Apple knows when the IAP was made, they can easily determine if the IAP was made within the fifteen minute window. If this isn't the case wouldn't Apple have said so rather than arguing for dismissal because they fixed the 15 minute window?
Parents are NOT giving their child the password to their iTunes account.Before Apple fixed it with iOS 4.3 there was a fifteen minute window after you make a purchase during which time you don't need to re-enter your password for any further purchases. So if you buy a new app for your child then hand them the device to play, your child can then make in app purchases without a password.Ps the new forum sucks on the iPad. I get a "the rich text editor is not compatible with...
Steve Jobs also had a private jet.
What would have been the right horse for Nokia to bet on?
I'd say the problem is people like DED acting like crazed fanatics resulting in negative associations. It is like BMW back in the 90s (*). They were great cars, but the stereotypical BMW driver was a jerk who thought they owned the road. * These days the jerks seem to have switched to Audi.
If someone randomly takes or finds your phone (maybe you leave it in a bar) the odds are they won't have a picture of you. It's not particularly strong protection but it is beter than the no security which is what many people use.
Just how small of a screen are we talking about to hit that price and margin? Or does he expect Apple to use an ultra cheap (and therefore low quality) LCD?
I don't think they have a choice. They probably can't afford to offer the iPhone, but they really cannot afford not to offer it otherwise subscribers will go elsewhere. Apple really did a number on carriers with the iPhone. The iPhone is popular enough that carriers must offer it or they will lose subscribers. It is expensive, requiring huge subsidies, but carriers cannot increase the price or subscribers will go to another carrier who offers the exact same phone. There is...
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