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Apple's entire computer business (including iMacs, MacPros and their entire range of laptops from 11" Airs to 17" MacPros) now accounts for less than a quarter of Apple's revenue. There is a reason why Apple dropped the word Computer from their name.
The idea behind Web-m was to create a video standard that was free from patent royalties. It was created specifically so that the companies wouldn't be able to do what Motorola is now doing. Web-m may not have been fully cleared of possible patents, but everyone knew that h264 required licenses and that they could go up. Despite this Microsoft backed h264 and as a direct result have now had to shutdown their software distribution center in Germany because of the risks...
I wonder if Microsoft and others are now regretting pushing h264 over web-m.
iPod, iPad and iPhone are huge hits and account for three quarters of Apple's revenue. The MacBook Air is not in the same league and the AppleTV is still just a hobby.
Difference is these people (and there are a lot of them) are prepared to pay a proper amount for a quality gaming experience, unlike the vast majority of iOS gamers who think everything should be 99 cents.
Speaking as an actual software developer I don't actually mind. It happens all the time. My ideas build upon the ideas of others and other people's ideas build ontop of my ideas.Building successful products is a lot more complex than just coming up with ideas. Generally speaking ideas are cheap, it is the implementation that is hard.
Sure, but that wasn't what you originally claimed. You said people would not buy a tablet without seeing it in a physical store first. But plenty of people did buy a Kindle Fire without first seeing it (even if later on they returned it because it was crap).
Plenty of people bought a Kindle Fire online without trying it out first.
Why? How does this affect those of us who buy Apple products?
The iPad might not offer BestBuy great margins but the killer is online competition. Why go to a BestBuy store when Amazon is usually cheaper?
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