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So yet again we see patents being used to hinder innovation.
And now you know why Google had to create Android. To not do so would have left Google's future in the hands of others. Technology changes fast. Products like Siri changed the playing field. If you are not in a position to control your own destiny you will eventually end up as road kill.
We are not talking about North America. Especially in Europe, but in many other countries too, there aren't the corporate lobby groups and law are written to protect consumers first.There is a fine line between implying something and stating it as fact. You can imply but you cannot deceive. A beer commercial may feature attractive women and imply you will get lucky if you drink this brand of beer. But they are not allowed to state as fact that you will score with that cute...
I don't think this is true. It is not dumbing down photography; rather it is giving people the ability to take good photos (that are worth sharing) more often. Previously most people did not have a decent camera with them at all times so many great photo opportunities were lost. Now that phones which we carry with us at all times have pretty good cameras meaning those magic moments can now be captured and shared.
It would be interesting to see figures from Facebook. My money would be on the iPhone still being top, but I cannot imagine the expensive Canon camera's being so highly placed.
Deceptive advertising is illegal in many countries.
I'm certain I read at least a year ago the iPhone was already the top camera on Flickr. The best camera is the one you have with you.
Maybe Apple should have said the new iPad was "4G Ready" :-)
Being able to swap sims is great when visiting foreign countries.
I remember reading that article when it came out. It was actually quite interesting. Basically the three heads of Google (Larry, Eric and Sergey) were split on tracking cookies. Google previously didn't use cookies to track users. The ads show were simply based on what you typed into the search box.There was nothing in the article about Google selling personal data to 3rd parties.Again there is nothing here about selling personal data to 3rd parties.Not everything is an...
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