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Store loyalty cards are probably the main way big retailers get names and addresses. Online shopping is another source. Customer surveys are yet another. Once they connect your name and address to a credit card number, every purchase you have previously made with that card as well as every future purchases are all linked to that address.Even if they just have a credit card with no address, that can still be used to link every single purchase you have made in any of their...
That is completely untrue. I've used Google ads and all they offer is the ability to have my ad placed in front of a particular type of user. I get to say I want my ad placed in front of people interested in X and accessing the internet in region Y and I'm willing to pay Z per click on my ad. I never find out who clicked on my ad. I never see any personal details about them. Google clearly has this data so they can show the right ads to the right people, but this data is...
Isn't that an argument for targeted ads? If they can show ads that are relevant to you then ads become more useful to you as they will be for things you are interested in. This results in increasing ad revenue for developers as you are more likely to click on the ad.There was an interesting example recently where it was revealed the Target can tell if a woman is pregnant and what her due date is by changes in what she buys each week. Target then mails vouchers for things...
Considering how long Sprint has had the iPhone can we really say this? Typically people wait till the end of their contracts before switching carriers so October 2013 we will start seeing if people are actually loyal to Sprint.
John Gruber has posted a further update:UPDATE 2: OK, what I’m hearing now is that Places still uses Google Maps, but the maps in Journals and slideshows are not using Google Maps, and are Apple’s own stuff.
I wonder when Apple releases a new iPod touch whether it will use this chip?
There is no Google logo or copyright string so I strongly doubt this is Google maps. Am Apple rep did say it was Google maps, but people looking at this have found numerous examples where the map data (place names, land/water borders) are very different from Google's as well as Bing's and OpenStreetMap's data. Best guess is this is indeed an Apple map and the Apple rep was mistaken when he said it was...
I'm not convinced that removing features thereby making the map app worse is a good thing.Except the problem is not the streetview data. The issue is the mini map at the botom of the screen that shows where you are, which way you are pointing and the field of view. This is implemented by Apple (it looks different to the version on the Google Maps webpage).
The Map app was written by Apple not Google. Even if Apple swapped out the Google map data they'd probably still be targeted.
You are confusing paying for storage / network costs (which is fair) with music companies trying to charge twice (which is not fair). If you buy a CD, should the music labels get a fee each time you press play on the CD player?
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