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mstone 04/16/2015 01:13 PM   It is probably caused by bad jpegs not just large ones. Depending on which application originally created the file the compression might be noncompliant or corrupted. I just made a huge jpeg to test on my iMac 5k using Photoshop and it opened perfectly in Preview. That said Apple should be able to deal with that sort of issue and not crash.     Your argument is somewhat on arrogant side just like any support or pundit: "it must be...
... and yes it happened to me too. The system would not crash, but Preview hang. After killing it with system tools it still appeared as running though no actions if you wanted to view any jpeg (it simply would come up). Do we have quality issue with testing at Apple? Can we come back to routines from 2006, please? Are the same people working there or just new generation of hot shot developers are there who do not need to test as "they know it works". Oh... few decades...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWhiteFalcon Stop using JPEG. Yes. Stop using Internet too.
It is not SMS, but iMessage and it is different. No discussions. Also if you deliver via e-mail then it is backup channel. Thjousands of people including myself had this damn sessions with Apple Support to clarify their inability to determine proper device to deliver. SMS works on your provider network - not on iMessage. The simplle prof of lame Apple solution is that it is delivered to donated iPad thousands miles away rather than to my iPhone. If it was SMS then it...
I don't know. Sharia law has death penalty for homosexuality. I am not sure if recent fight in court in Texas that prevented parallel justice system based on Sharia law was so bad that you keep accusing Texas of bigotery. Yes if they let this happen some individuals including Tim himself could be concerned while visiting Austin and other parts of Texas.
So here not Benjamin Frost, but me. Check location - it is New York City. Not liberal. Does this make sense to you now?
... and most of all - it's a car dummy - not electronic/communication device. ECU does not need Apple. Somehow Ferrari in Formula 1 in times of their success could even use Windows onboard to comntrol engine (which I bet many of you did not know). Entertainment is not the key top car drivability - it is an addition to it. And if you think about car control with electronics... well you can do this, but niche drivers that buy some more advanced BMW cars would tell you that...
Sounds like WankBand from youtube comic advertisment
According to Apple pundits it is irrelevant outage. That was mere 7 hours only. No big deal.
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