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Are you comparing on US market or global? You know US market is a small yard comparing to global.This is the same as saying that AT&T is second or first and T-Mobile is small. In the USA it is, but in the world At&T does not count and it does not approach to size and scale of T-Mobile that runs its own networks and also owns many small GSM operators known under different names. That's why I stick to T-Mobile as a foreigner living in the USA, but traveling a bit.
I would not go that far with comparison, but Google has some points as far as trend by Apple executives. I am not really big fun of corporate managment behaviors. I'd rather quit from company than wait for promotions to get all the way between those individuals (I am sticking to pure engineering job). Also Apple and Google are the only companies that have really innovative managment that gets the point of modern world, but Apple is really unfreindly. It just that you need...
Actually ask US Patent office. That is a place where most of patents are "stolen". Patent in the USA has lame grounds and this is comparing to European patents.Ever wondered if you can obtain patent for mouse or pen in the USA? Yes you can. Just phrase it properly. In Europe this is not possible as Patent Office has obligations to make proper research on innovation before granting patent . Also there is something as allowance to "prior user" who did not apply for patent...
Oh so many lining up to be disappointed. Interesting understanding of notebook function though. Hell some even do not undesrand word "function" in this "complex world" ;-)
Apple managment acts more and more like Scientology Church. Congratulations on taboo. It may not always work everywhere fortunatelly and you will not be able to do anything about it sometimes. (An Euro in the USA)
That's easy. Doesn't it in smartphones? Too bad for them they were declared stronger than Motorola (and strongest in the USA) just last days.Psystar was thwartet not because this was not the case, but because Apple uses power and money to kill "obstacles". Sometimes US system law looks like big bazaar that you can buy merchandise and traders are called lawyers. Try this in EU and perhaps results will be different (already proven with Apple and Microsoft).In any case Apple...
It is about time. I understand Mr. Jobs' point on technology, but legal rules are not to disable 3rd party competitive attempts. He has to realize that Apple is not setting legal market rules PERIOD. It is just business and Mr. Jobs has to learn how to cope with this in competitive market even though some might be using what is percieved as obsolete or having no future. Enough is enough.
Nokia is the biggest in this category. You simply live too much in the USA and so you think that it is global market. It ain't. Sorry, but I thought we are talking about world news... especially as the USA is not the leader in mobile and telecommunication overall at all anymore. (An Euro living in the USA for long time)
Many people these days seem to forget (and I bet they learned that at schools) meaning of word "professional ethics". No? They did not? Well I wonder then what schools teach for profession. You can have fresh news and even some insider information, but there are limits. Some people act like they could not use their brain on their own. Slap that penalty at them just to draw some line if they forgot the code of ethics... or they just pretend to be professionals,...
Aprils fools ;-) Did they figure out eyelash gestures?
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