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Outfit like suit is only respect in certian circles. If you followed world better (I am European) then you would know that in many businesses outside of this country (and also in designers buisnesses in the USA) the proper attire is turtleneck and sports jacket. If you do not like it then it is your problem. If world did not change then you would be wearing tailcoat and tallhat to the office. Respect style of others. That does not mean they show up dirty and unprepared....
People, That is normal at Apple forums! I have been member of those for years. They now tell you in a feedback after removal that they disallow opinions on the forum. That is regardless if positive or negative... or simply alternative aproach, because original by Apple is lame and inefficient. They have simply some censors (probably overseas) who do not understand culture or what's going on, but they stick to the procedures and codes blindly. Same with some common jargon...
How about streaming live sport at last? I would pay even $5-$10 per event.... just to avoid paying networks for bulk subscription to majority of nothing interesting to me. For now I have to use shadowy web sites to get that streaming because i am not paying any contracts for "1 milion channels" that are useless to my interest and I need about select 10 of them from time to time.
One thing to notice that changes perspective of such experiment: kids do not have REAL sense of financial value in life. That takes time. So the experiment conditioned like that is pointless from psychology perspective. It is just a mock experiment like thousands of them just to polarize the public that does not see the detail.Try this experiment with really cool toy that is on top of list for the group of kids participating in it. See results then and tell about the...
Have you analysed real reasons of your divorce? Is family lower on your priority list than high-tech job? I have different priorities in my life although I know what commitment is and after 20 years at IT with 11 companies including some banks, telecomm e.t.c. I still look for real challenge and cannot find it (all is red tape zones with old farts looking for cheap promotion and how to survive to retirement without taking much risk for acheievement). The challenge should...
3dB is half of power. It is not small. That's why we, engineers, have logarithmic expression of power just to compress large drop/increase.
In any case do not hold it in any way in the restrooms. The signal over there is always weak and the ambient noise can be unbearable. It is also hygiene problem.
I wonder when Apple decides that applications like GoodReader is on path of their business vision and pulls them out of iTunes store..... and then adds some new obscure parts to developers contract. I am happy user of GoodReader for large PDF files and some others.
Author should be more precise to writing this kind of opinions on AppleInsider. myTouch 3G has Android 2.1 already. We have one from T-Mobile (few weeks now) and if you purchased it recently you will have newer version of the system. Also one can install newer system from Google on those phones on their own. So stop talking that it is not available, because it is not true. (big fun and user of Apple computers, iPods e.t.c.... but not as far as tablet or iPhone)
Just get Pandora and you can tune to hundreds of stations even foreign. Internet streaming is the future. Not some legacy way of distributing signal with content over the air. That includes TV broadcast.
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