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Yea right. Just like few fabricated athletes suddenly outperform those best for years... and then they disappear not showing in top competition.   Same goes for those patents and companies behind Apple's (and not only) innovations. What a coincidence.
I love that idea when pissed off people losing business from Apple going to Brazil start using their communistic party secretaries to create non-existen situations and front-end comapnies. I bet they will move to generate "history" of that company "productions" and imaginary patent just to force Apple bringing back all business to China.   Has anybody asked what stands behind those accusations and lawsuits? Ask in China, but not actual "companies". The government is...
Unlocking is not condition for roaming. Agreements between carriers is. This article states incorrectly that you would have to unlock your phone in order to be able to roam. Roaming in the USA however is something non-existent due to idiotic competition policies and lack of agreements between US caririers. Sorry, but as foreigner living in the USA and traveling between countries with GSM phone I know one or two things about roaming on mobile. I also know one or two...
True. There are other places than America that people do not make sense in situations alike.No it does not have merit based on common sense. It has merit to lawyers who make money on foolish cases like this. It is business. Some would cut off their fingers to make money on lawsuit.The lady had elderly moment and she is embarassed. Perhaps some lawyer helped her to make the case out of this embarassment. Does it mean that now we have to provide odd and ugly structures just...
SIM does not have anything to do with frequency or coding standard. Device has. On top of that SIM has to be usable with device. 3G is not as much standardized so may fall on 2G. 4G LTE was supposed to stop partitioning world. Obviously revenue is more important than this.
I have a proposal to Microsoft and it is very commercial: Microsoft, please charge Internet users for visiting Microsoft web pages. That would do.
"Microsoft explained that RAM is constantly consuming power" LOL Hardware experts.
No it is not. It flattens structure of navigation. Try to explain this to an older person (navigation) and you will understand. That works with shallow (two levels) structure - not with deep navigation. Want proof? That's exactly what they did: "long-press menu button"... because one does not want or know how return level up. Also this is not very innovative as similar approach was already in Front Row (before iPhone)... just different buttons and layout.
It is time to call things correctly. It is TV set from Apple - not Apple TV. Apple TV is this: http://store.apple.com/us/browse/hom...amily/apple_tv I am not sure why writers have problem with proper naming of products and try to give their own. How the product of TV set will be named we still do not know.
Photosmart? I do not care Canon had maintenance extension for Mac since Tiger I believe. I still use it so for me those are just differnt look of what I already know. Obviously Apple will make those incompatible to promote "new way" so mountain lion sells while offering foolish tight coupling between application and document. I really think about alternatives as this is not the same Apple I knew in 2006 when I would go for it blindy knowing it was going to be good.
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