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Safari is not snappier because Apple chose logic of rendering being deferred to loading all content first. I consider this excessive and annoying. Your best bet for improvement is to get faster Internet (and faster content providers... like if you could fix that problem).I am in between using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Camino and Opera... while I should need only one.
It does not sound like a major feature requiring new OS build. Why can't this be add-on to Lion or even to Snow Leopard? Oh I got it... beacuse I need to buy new computer from Apple to make sure revenue is okay. I was hoping that foolish installer check on hardware codes could be skipped to allow to upgrade OS (some managed this with tricks and it works fine). Some of us upgraded Core Duo to Core 2 Duo and 64-bit apps work fine (not kernel as it is in 32-bit...
Good move.
There you go. Can they achieve that? Well ignorants think not. The fact is that it is China that builds any Apple hardware as well as other merchandise. In that economic strangle it is just enough to convience China "rulers" who make anything happen and who run all this show (again ignorants frequenty corporate do not see this). It is the same case as with oil lines in Europe through neiboring countries... just a little "preassure" with threataning that something would...
It ain't gonna work. It is too much fuss about Apple. The problem is not with Apple contracted manufacturers only. Stop bogging the most prominent technology corp.and pull out head out of your a... It is about something bigger than one corp. and labor of contractors factories. Perhaps it is worth to take a look who are those who stand behind vendor factories. I think it would be very interesting who really fakes good conditions and brain washes poor people. Huh I...
I think this name issue comes from casual corporate management attitude: "I name it because i like this name". I have seen this too many times. That fact is: no you do not name it the way you like it, but you name it: a) so it makes sense to everybody and it is easy to sell; b) the name is free from legal obligations. There are things that corporate management does not seem to get.
Now go and ask them to sign ACTA.... and stop begging in Europe where it will be rejected even after signing (no country will enact it or adapt law to enforce ACTA in the current form of foolish Article 27 shape towards "corporate America").
It is bandwidth. Check better technical comparison reports of LTE vs. HSPA, HSPA+ e.t.c. If 4 times speeds of continouous transfer is not bandwidth improvement then I am not sure what you define as bandwidth.
Only "little" problem with iPhone in T-Mobile (USA) network is that it works only as 2G (not 3G). That's the fact. Hence I resigned from "converting" one. I am loyal T-Mobile customer (due to more international spport and agreements than AT&T has which is required where you travel and call in GSM networks). If iPhone worked in Wifi-only mode I could use my T-Mobile 4G Hotspot device just like for my Macbook Air and iPod Touch.
... and maybe this patent is not valid on territory of Germany... because it is not German patent. Again patent law is territorial and in some places nobody gives... about U.S. "funky" patent. (Arrogant Euro... in the USA)
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