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It is time to call things correctly. It is TV set from Apple - not Apple TV. Apple TV is this: http://store.apple.com/us/browse/hom...amily/apple_tv I am not sure why writers have problem with proper naming of products and try to give their own. How the product of TV set will be named we still do not know.
Photosmart? I do not care Canon had maintenance extension for Mac since Tiger I believe. I still use it so for me those are just differnt look of what I already know. Obviously Apple will make those incompatible to promote "new way" so mountain lion sells while offering foolish tight coupling between application and document. I really think about alternatives as this is not the same Apple I knew in 2006 when I would go for it blindy knowing it was going to be good.
Confucius says: "If you aim at someone and want to pull trigger then make sure you have nobody behind your back to give you kick in your butt"
Let me pu this way: some decided to do buisness with mafia. After some time mafia came to "partner" and asked for 90% shares in profits. Some people do not believe it or try to be blind. China is not free market coutry and it is manipulated by regime. Regime has courts in it its pockets. That's how it works in this stystem. I lived in this system. I was born in it. The only difference was it was Eastern Europe. Lamenting over morons.
That is very true. They do not need to keep working on them. They just need to keep the doors open for them. First thing Idd when getting my MBA with Lion was to install Java. I may do the same with X11 with next system upgrade.
Sure. Those who do not want commercial Photoshop may be using GIMP that is X11 application and very powerful alternative to basic Photoshop Elements. I do use it because it is free... and even though on other Mac (for design buisness) we have whole slew of licensed pro apps from Adobe and Quark I prefer something lightweight most of the time.There are few more.Thank God OpenOffice has moved to newer API few years ago so we do not need X11 for this one.
Does anybody see what happens? Why the hell Germans do not tell: "get the f... out of here with your lawsuits 'cause we are paying taxes for those courts and they are not for corporate business to make law-trading-market!"
Partitioning documents by applications they belong to had been proven to be foolish in Windows years ago. This smells like trying to monopolize document use. Can we see more stupid ideas from Apple like this? The company transformed radically from what I saw in 2004/05 when I joined bandwagon after dumping Windows and Linux. Creating a cult out of technology corporation has never worked well for consumers. I have another proof now. Oh and BTW smuggling agendas under...
And some Journalists will make out of it some (non)sense and we will end up with bug-features beacuse public will have to be satisfied based on BS interpretation by so called technical journalists. "Good idea". Congratulations! Now we will get Mac OS X and iOS same "qality" as Windows mess.
Safari is not snappier because Apple chose logic of rendering being deferred to loading all content first. I consider this excessive and annoying. Your best bet for improvement is to get faster Internet (and faster content providers... like if you could fix that problem).I am in between using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Camino and Opera... while I should need only one.
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