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Now go and ask them to sign ACTA.... and stop begging in Europe where it will be rejected even after signing (no country will enact it or adapt law to enforce ACTA in the current form of foolish Article 27 shape towards "corporate America").
It is bandwidth. Check better technical comparison reports of LTE vs. HSPA, HSPA+ e.t.c. If 4 times speeds of continouous transfer is not bandwidth improvement then I am not sure what you define as bandwidth.
Only "little" problem with iPhone in T-Mobile (USA) network is that it works only as 2G (not 3G). That's the fact. Hence I resigned from "converting" one. I am loyal T-Mobile customer (due to more international spport and agreements than AT&T has which is required where you travel and call in GSM networks). If iPhone worked in Wifi-only mode I could use my T-Mobile 4G Hotspot device just like for my Macbook Air and iPod Touch.
... and maybe this patent is not valid on territory of Germany... because it is not German patent. Again patent law is territorial and in some places nobody gives... about U.S. "funky" patent. (Arrogant Euro... in the USA)
Congratulations AT&T! I have just received newmodel of T-Mobile HotSpot device (4G) for free. 5GB data for $29.99 with 2-years commitment, but up to 5 WiFI devices.
At last! How long one can wait for this things to work together and stop segregation? I do not give damn about restrictions. I am not going to use iPad to watch some video service when I am home. I have big f... TV set for this and Apple TV! Another year to wait until this stuff is "developed" by Apple? Thank God for hackers/jalbreakers job. So when are we going to have PPV and customized Internet TV at last? I want to pay, but in the meantime I have to use...
Does Apple have patented those in Germany? If so then... nice try. Reminder: Patent law is regional. Some countries do not give... about US Patent. If you want to bring US ITC in place then perhaps some governments will get into trouble for signing anything with US ITC while under law of sovereign country. I say USPO does mediocre work and it opens "law trading" market which is not a law but business. Patent rules of Europe: 1. Innovative 2. Cannot be covered...
Sprint is CDMA. Where the f... do you think CDMA network exist abroad to have unlocked version of this POS? 70% of this world is GSM. Wake up! In Europe and South/Middle America as well as Canada you can put CDMA phones in your... That's why I keep T-Mobile and I might go AT&T (as a poor alternative). After all I can buy SIM starter in Europe in many grocery stores and have my phone working in minutes without roaming.
Yes and it will not allow to watch porn untill "God mighty" will tell his servants to allow this. Just like posts on Apple forum that have idiotic criteria of censorship so you cannot even put some phrases from regular guide books on software. Well they still allow name Dick for some reason. Holier than Pope...
Not so much overseas. You just go to Canada or Mexico and you are GSM.... so is to any Latin American country.Yes you could unlock with some labor and luck only Apple re-locked them during updates... so you could wait for another unlock trick to play with. Now they will not be able to or class action lawsuit will be cooking against Apple.Yes I travel quite a bit and I know that AT&T is smal outside of this country. It does not have even proper roaming agreements like...
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