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And why other than 1700 frequency is mandatory? European providers support 2100. That's enough. Also consider tri and quadband devices for compatibility. Any problem? I do not see it with GSM worldwide phones so why it would be a problem with 3G frequencies? Media makes big fuss out of nothong.... just technological snag easy to resolve. Do you seriously belive that T-Mobile would be non-compatible network while traveling to Germany when it comes from... or all those...
"sell free"? Change the title. Embarassing... to the author. I am not writer/publisher and English is my second (or third) language, but you gotta pay attention to meaning of words and phrases. Shouldn't it be "give away free"?
Welcome to healthy corporate lifestyle. Having that said I have survived Mr Sanche in corporations (quite a few of them) by a few years so far. I guess change due to life balance and not giving into corporate BS politics and policies has some positive effect. From New York area... (an Euro in the USA)
And Mr. Prentice should keep his mouth shut. If Gartner wants to be objective then it should avoid comments like that in the first place. We have enough stuff in corporations (and I worked for 11 of them in my career) that I need my CIO to tell me what to use and carry with me. In fact, I refuse to carry even company Blackberry - I pick what I carry and I expect company to offer solution/application to make me comfortable when I am mobile. Thank you... but somehow I...
Is this Java Preferences window fabricated? There is no Apple Java 6 for 32-bit platforms. That's why having Mac Mini with Core Duo (not Core 2 Duo) I have to rely on OpenJava with some link tricks on UNIX command line level. Sorry, but that window looks bogus or Apple started a game of supporting Java 6 32-bit on newer platform which is not quite fair as they could easily do this for those of us who use 32-bit versions of Mac OS X.
Darker picture contrast? Did tester notice the most important difference? It looks like focal lengths are different! Check the same subject sizes. You get different amount of light to iPhone4 and iPod Touch (due to different focal length of optical element) hence they show different level of brigness and contrast. Simple.
Just quick question: can it mount USB drives/Bootable CDs with Mac OS X non-suported partitions like Ext2/3/4? I would love to have generic VM that actually provides only CPU and RAM and it can boot from USB drive for temporary use. Maybe I missed version 5, but version 4 could not do this.
You know how sanity was kept in Eeastyern Europe in '70? Just in similar way. Nobody was going to shoot you (depite common believes from ignorants who lived outside of that mess), but you did not have many choices for behavior or products. I was there. I lived that. The only difference is that here it is done by corporations so you can turn to another corporation for options. But I wonder why you need some corporation to keep YOUR sanity of choice? Any hint?
Who does not need? Apple or customers? I'd appreciate sticking to consumer market. Apple is only vendor or platform provider. Whatever fits laws and avoid criminal intentions should be approved. Yes, Apple may change this and put more restrictions. Yes some of us live in China with its life restrictions. Yes some of us (including me) were born and lived in communist countries like in Eastern Europe and we know what is freedom and what is controlled (call it...
I am tired of those e-mail messages from Parallels prompting me to upgrade to version 5 because discount deal expires soon. It is especially annoying if one knows that version 6 is coming out next days and they should be giving upgrades from version 4 which I am running. If no then double upgrade(4->5->6) is far worse path than simply buying full newest version and to forget about version 4 - uninstalling it.
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