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So how do I upgrade from Mac OS X Leopard? Hint 1: There is no Mac App Store on it - it came with Snow Leopard. Hint 2: ... well I wonder if Apple is serious about forcing people to buy new equipment once Lion is on market and we cannot buy Snow Leopard anymore (for Mac App Store intermediate access ill-born Apple idea). I do not mind going Lion, but it has to bereasonable approach and not rude cut off from access.
... or for those who do not use Snow Leopard as author missed that fact. We do not use it (we are on Leopard where Mac App Store is not available). The only reason not to go to Snow Leopard was idiotic policy by Adobe not to support it CS3 on Snow Leopard and we did not see why we need to spend money in subsequent years on upgrade for tools so just to stuff Adobe's pockets for thir laziness to simply keep releasing updates if something was so radically specific to...
And yes.... remote control is the most important thing in TV set
I bet it will be "smart". You will have to have Apple ID account and credit card linked to it plus mandatory Internet access in order to turn on. Something similar in logic to Apple TV gen. 2
If it only could stream personal content available on WiFi/LAN without Apple ID validated over Internet and linked to credit card (no you cannot create account via App Store and select option "none" anymore - I tested yesterday by creating two accounts like that and Apple article on the subject is outdated). This is something like you go to your own bathroom but your doors have electonic lock that you have to use Internet account to unlock and the account has to be...
It is becoming uninteresting and saturating with unproven speculations. Appleinsider loses its edge by doing this and by being biased towards only iPad and iPhone news only. How many times daily we want to hear the same stories? Personnaly I am not much interested if some man in factory overseas farted in rhythm of new iPhone played music and then made picture of it sent via non-existent iPad camera with some gesture.
I hope they finally trained India support not to hang up on customers and if they cannot find contract number then ask for help their supervisor rather than being rude and suspect that someone tries to trick them. It happened to me. Only good guys in Canadian support (because US support seems to be redirected to India) were helpful to find my multi year support contract and then redirect back to India with all neccessary info. We used to have US onshore support...
And why other than 1700 frequency is mandatory? European providers support 2100. That's enough. Also consider tri and quadband devices for compatibility. Any problem? I do not see it with GSM worldwide phones so why it would be a problem with 3G frequencies? Media makes big fuss out of nothong.... just technological snag easy to resolve. Do you seriously belive that T-Mobile would be non-compatible network while traveling to Germany when it comes from... or all those...
"sell free"? Change the title. Embarassing... to the author. I am not writer/publisher and English is my second (or third) language, but you gotta pay attention to meaning of words and phrases. Shouldn't it be "give away free"?
Welcome to healthy corporate lifestyle. Having that said I have survived Mr Sanche in corporations (quite a few of them) by a few years so far. I guess change due to life balance and not giving into corporate BS politics and policies has some positive effect. From New York area... (an Euro in the USA)
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