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Wi-Fi calling also not available in Salt Lake City yet. AT&T, for the longest time, said you don't *need* Wi-Fi calling on their network because its so prevalent. However, they're happy to sell you a "micro cell extender" if you don't get their signal... huh. http://www.att.com/att/microcell/
Lost bluetooth on my 2015 15" MBP after install. Can't use my magic mouse now - had to use my old USB mouse.
My wife's new white iPhone 5 has a paint flaw under the glass. Really disappointing when you spend *that* much on a phone.
Keeps telling me that I'm current at 14.2.3
0:20 PDT and apple is still down.  Verizon accepted a *new* line order for my wife (xfer from AT&T) but AT&T is still stuck on upgrade verification.  Same AT&T error.
Doesn't matter how fast it is between the phone and the tower if AT&T throttles the speed from the tower to the 'net.   If the problem isn't an intentional throttle, but tower oversubscription, why would I trust them to do LTE right?   Either way, AT&T lost a customer.
I'm leaving AT&T as soon as the iPhone 5 comes out.   AT&T's "4G" is more like Edge in Salt Lake.   No matter how many bars I have with a 4G tag the slowness is unbearable. My daughter's 3G Verizon iPhone 4S is tons faster than my AT&T 4S.
I allowed MobileMe to convert to iCloud. No issues. Before I did anything, I sync'd my iPhone and iPad to iCal and Contacts. I decided to only use my converted MobileMe account for MobileMe mail and notes. All my calendar, contacts, apps, services will go through my iTunes iCloud account. From here on, MobileMe means converted MobileMe account to iCloud. Contacts were easy to migrate. I just deleted my MobileMe account from my iPhone and iPad and deleted...
Utter fail. ATT and Apple both error out whenever I try to upgrade. You'd think they'd figure this out after YEARS of launches.
Use this link instead: http://developer.apple.com/wwdc/app/ Tied to being a developer.
New Posts  All Forums: