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Same here - not available in the US. Tried my regular and my "developer" iTunes accounts.
.... they REALLY get it wrong. What a profoundly "head up ass" move.
My $0.02 of Microsoft's suite? I've been using it since it was released and I'm fine with using Word/Excel/Powerpoint. I'm also fine with using iWork. Right tool for the right job is all. I'm not big on religious arguments. HOWEVER. Outlook blows. Really spews chunks. When its not erroring out when I try to configure junk settings (which doesn't work very well anyway), its erroring out when I'm doing anything else. The searching function is halfassed. The fact...
Ummm... buggy encryption, lack of any type of receipt processing, no support for choosing certificates. Those impact me every day for business, so to me they're serious.
I have some serious issues with mail, so yes. I'm looking forward to Outlook. The inability to choose a default certificate per account, no read receipt functionality, buggy smartcard encryption implementation... Yea - I'm hoping Outlook addresses these basics.
My home network of 1 OS X server, 3 Macs, 2 Windows was brought to its knees when I implemented Google's DNS. Good luck with this.
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