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You are aactually fine with a $169 price for that thing? Maybe Apple i paying $80 apiece to have it manufactured or something. Apple supply chain is like Walmart's. Prices are cheap as they squeeze the hell out of them like Walmart does.
Like I said about defending Apple.I have not called their devices and computers pricey.I just think some of their accessories are.Some people get in a twist over nothing.
The ADF is real strong here.Sorry for whining about pricey accessories. Did not mean to offend you.I own a 21.5" iMac, an older 13" MacBook, two iPhone 6s Plus's, Two Apple TV 4's, and an iPad Air 2.So I am in the Apple camp. But I am willing to call Apple out from time to time.I don't need to be part of the defense force:
True but probably not far off. Truthfully, their margins on iDevices and Macs pretty fair compaared to their accessories which are insane.
The profit margin on that thing has got to be epic.
Get over it already.
Expensive Apple accessory? Do tell......
Absolute insanity. Wil soon be able to buy a 3rd party solution on Amazon that protects front and back for less than $20. But the purse strings are a bit tight at Apple these days I guess.
Oh, I picked up my iPad Pro 128 GB at the Apple Store Wed. night after ordering it online that morning.   Took it home and opened it up.    Beautiful screen.   Pretty light considering the size.   Really good sound.   Fast as all heck.   But...............   It was just to big for me and was even more awkward for the wife.   Returned last night. :(   Going to get a 64 GB iPad Air 2 thru T-Mobile today.   Wanted to like it. The Apple Pencil was a big...
a 4-5 week wait for the Pencila and keyboard is a huge screw up. Really unacceptable.   And no doubt the 128 GB moels are selling well. I mean, 32 GM in a "Pro" model. Thats just sad.   Love Apple but I don't drink the kool-aid.   I will call them out when I think they need to be.
New Posts  All Forums: