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The Cable/Sat companies and the content providers have been giving each other reach around's for far to long.
Its the american way.
It sucks when you have to make a deal with Comcrap. And besides any profit on the box, where is the pot of gold for Apple at the end of this rainbow?
Shaping up to be another boring year in Apple land.
Don't ever want to hear AT&T complain about anything. Good profits on that absurd per GB pricing of data.
I recall a rumor that the next Apple TV would require the user to wear some sort of ring to control the thing. Not sure about that but would be better than the current crap Apple TV remote. I use an iPhone and iPad with mine.
Damn, I did not evn know Apple had announced an "iWatch".
You obviously do not play first person shooters. Some games are fine with touch controls (Angry Birds). But some are absolutely wretched.
$99. Insane. A PS4 Dual Shock 4 controller is $60 and superior at that. Same goes for the excellent XBONE controller as well.
I refuse to believe a $200 product outsells a $1000 one!
New Posts  All Forums: