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$100 for 15 GB of data. Am I suppose to be impressed?
Samsung getting nervous obviously. Really pathetic with these ads. More bashing instead of showing what the phone can really do.
Jony Ive's secret bunker is down there.
If this whole Beats deal is fact and at that price, Apple just has to be seeing something here. They DO NOT over pay for anything. If Lovine were to get a video content deal out of this, the 3 billion spent will amount to pure petty cash.
 I got unlimited with T-Mobile. Clearly not the fastest thing out there but it works okay. I am not to anal about it. Price is pretty fair.
Must be awesome to access your 2 GB cap even faster now!
This is fully understandable. Apple has had a huge announcement packed year so far. Oh wait......
The Cable/Sat companies and the content providers have been giving each other reach around's for far to long.
Its the american way.
It sucks when you have to make a deal with Comcrap. And besides any profit on the box, where is the pot of gold for Apple at the end of this rainbow?
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