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So this is why we have no new Apple TV.
Holy ****. I did not realize that!
Jobs never used Apple as his personal soap box. Yes, Apple is making more money than ever. All set up by Mr. Steve Jobs. Not sure how the watch will do. This is Timothy's baby. Not seen much of anything else since Jobs passing. But the phone is raking it in. Again, developed under Jobs reign.
Jobs never used Apple as his personal soap box.
Would not be happening under Jobs.
When is Amazon ever going to get probed.? The KING of e-books.
Actually, Autin is quite liberal. Houston has a lot of liberals too. Lots of liberals in big cities around the US. Why? Lots of welfare recepients in large cities. And liberals want  to keep them addicted to the government hand outs. More votes for liberal politicians that way.
By the way, where is the special edition Gay Pride Apple watch.   Could bringback some rainbow colored iPod socks too.
I did not say it was right. Your girl Hillary has made millions spreading her BS in paid speeches. And running prvate e-mail servers on the side.
I remeber that. :D
New Posts  All Forums: