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I bought the original Apple TV about a month after it came out in early 2007. Been waiting for this for 8 years now!
Gimme gimme gimme Want want want Take take take
Its a different Apple now.
So a search and advertising company are now battery experts. Okay.
Sweet. Need to try it out on my A4 ( ) based Apple TV tonight and sign up for the free trial.
Darn. I should have known. :p
Ah yes, Jesse Jackson the race hustler.
Still secrecy with less than 3 weeks to go until launch. The thing will be on display this coming Friday! A bit ridiculous now.
The Chinese really have a love for Apple product. More do than many Chinese brands.But yeah, Apple is not being influential there.
Apple sure is growing by leaps and bounds in China.And doing so against Tim Cooks beliefs.
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