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I am a big Apple fan and buyer but Jobs was not exactly an angel.
What made Musk a car expert when he started Tesla? Some nice battery tech I guess. That's about all.
Monopolies. Yes.MIcrosoft in Operating SystemsGoogle in SearchStill find it hard to believe that Amazon HAS TO carry every product.And not like you can't get the current ancient as all hell Apple TV or the Chromecast anywhere else.
ADF in full force.
But Amazon can't choose?Okay, I got it.
Apple has banned stuff from both their online and physical stores.And they have done it more than once.
Chill out.
Ok. I acknowledge the severe breech in security by iFixit. They should go to jail.
Apple Ring Edition. $5,000.00
I was just pointing out the weaknesses of the new Apple TV.I like it but not worth all the hush hush hardware wise.
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