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The NCAA Final 4 is playing their games in Indiana. Think the games will be cancelled? Probably not.
Okay, Muslim beliefs get a pass. Just getting the facts straight here.
How many Muslims live in America. Quite a few I believe. Some own businesses here believe it or not. You conveniently just mention politicians,
http://hotair.com/archives/2015/03/30/connecticut-governor-dannel-malloy-embarrasses-himself-with-indiana-rfra-tantrum/ LOL!
The Koran is not exactly supportive of homosexuality. Seldom brought up though for some reason.
I got pulled over by a real jerk off one time. Thought he was cop of the century.Had another come to my door one morning to tell be someone spray painted my car and garage door. Very nice guy. Polite and professional.I think more are good certainly but many liberals just think all white cope discriminate and kill,
http://www.inquisitr.com/1963914/nebraska-senator-who-compared-cops-to-terrorists-my-isis-is-the-police/Quite the whack job right here. A real liberal delight I suspect.
Why are Christians being singled out in regards to religious beliefs by the way?
Thanks for the insightful reply. I expected nothing more really:And why am I apologizing to him.Not shocked you go along with him and what he says. Not surprised in the least.
thanks for the insightful reply. I frankly expected nothing more.
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