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but they all run the same OS. Screen size is irrelevant, and based on an arbitrary judgment on your part. Your feasiblity argument is also arbitrary. Many activities are more feasible on a Desktop than on an iPad, regardless of screen size. Many activites are more relevant on a Desktop than on an iPad, precisely because of screen size. So, what is your point.
If this is true, then the article is inaccurate, as it only mentioned the iPad. For the sake of conistency, one should include both iPhone and iTouch numbers in the assessment, as they all run the same OS, and thus are able to run the same applications. Thus, one does not need to wait for Apple's quarterly report to state that they are the number one computer maker based on the combined sales of Macs, iPads, iPhones, and iTouch.
Hey, we can't let silly things like facts get in the way of a good Anti-MS rant can we. If we did, then we would not be the Apple loyalists that we all are.
This is Appleinsider. We can't let facts get in the way of MS bashing. That would be just wrong.
It is something else, but in typical Apple Insider fashion, they reported it wrong, so that it makes the competition looks bad. I am not sure it is going to work, but it is a different idea. Here is the way it goes you get 50 songs. Each of your friends on BBM get 50 songs. So, if you have 20 friends on BBM, you have access to all of their music (1000 songs) and they have access to your 50 songs. Every month, everyone gets a new set of 50 songs. Given that BBM is...
Try a free Zune pass for 14 days, and that will tell you if you like option 1.
Apple should be able to work things out. Heck Microsoft has had a subscription music streaming service for quite awhile now.
The OS will have different UI's based on the form factor. Unlike what magicj might think, the tablet OS will not require a mouse, but will have a touch OS based on the Metro style of WP7.If you want a glimpse of what it may be like, download the new Bing app for the iPad. Several people have commented that the app may give insight into the Win 8 UI for tablets.The article is not particularly well written as MS has been quite clear that Win 8 will be a multi UI OS, and...
I thought 7" was DOA according to SJ, the playbook was DOA because it was 7", the Tab was an epic fail according to many on the board because it is 7". I thought the current size was optimal. However a 7" iPad is now ok?
That is because of the business model. Apple only releases 1 model a year. Hence, demand and interest builds, which results in lines. Furthermore, there are only a limited number of places to get the phone - which also generates lines. Typically, initially new models are only available via preorder, or at Apple. Thus, generating lines.In contrast, other phone makers release multiple models a year, and have widespread availability - carriers, bestbuy, etc. This...
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