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Jeff Bezos is Elmer Fudd.
Can I sign up for ObamaCare using iOS 7?
we shouldn't be required to wear seat belts either.
JCPenney was an oversized Woolworth before Johnson's arrival. Then it couldn't make up its mind trying to be a cross between Target and Macy's. it will be interesting to see what it becomes now.
Back when it was first introduced, I noticed during the "new" ATV demo that there is a button for games but SJ did not mention anything about it.
Google should consider opening their own brick 'n mortar stores or co-branded ones with Best Buy.
what is $1.5 trillion dollar deficit? 2011 US trade deficit $558 billion US National Debt $15+ trillion
99.9% of the goods they sell are made in CHINA. same with WAL-MART, the number 2 brick 'n mortar retailer in the US.
are pretty awesome. contrary to what some may have posted, i have been living in japan for four years and have taken advantage of the deals from "lucky bags" the last four new year's days. shopping fukubukuro (lucky bags) requires effort to take advantage of stores that offer "good" fukubukuro. there are sites dedicated to reviewing the contents of store's past lucky bags and there are stores that even tell you up front what the contents are. the good bags are...
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