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Sure, whatever. Good luck. Of course, I'm talking to mpantone, right?
What does it matter? Ever since the ITU dumbed down the more stringent definition of 4G cellular technology to include 3.5G HSPA+, the 4G moniker isn't really worth much. At least Broadcom refers to it as "5G WiFi" not "5G cellular" or "5G data." As a matter of fact, 802.11ac is a far more obtuse moniker than 5G. Is 802.11ac about as good as 802.11b? What about 802.11n. 'N' is farther than 'a', 'c' or 'b' in the alphabet. Or is it like school grading, where 'a' is...
No.They've named the chip "BCM4354" per the original post as well as the press release.The 5G simply refers to the basic WiFi network technology generation:1G = 802.11a2G = 802.11b3G = 802.11g4G = 802.11n5G = 802.11acBroadcom BCM4354 is a registered trademark. That's the name of the chip.
Passbook also runs on iPod touches running iOS 6.
Really?A 20% increase in AAPL stock valuation in 18 months? That would be an utter disappointment.
Shirley, you must be joking. Shirley.
Comments like this makes no sense.If you're still on iOS 5/4/3 you don't have built-in turn-by-turn navigation anyhow. The shaky start of iOS 6 Maps shouldn't be the sole reason not to upgrade. You could continue to use the same third-party turn-by-turn solutions you've been using all along if you don't like what iOS 6 Maps gives you.As a matter of fact, I think I've tried 8-10 GPS navi apps and most of them have their silly faults, particularly in rural areas.
Apple will frequently let the channel dry out long before their own retail locations run low. Are you new to following Apple Retail supply behavior? Do you realize that Apple makes more selling hardware in their own stores versus their channel partners?
For me, this isn't a simple question.I bought some shares before the 2005 split in my Roth IRA. I could sell those, walk away with all the profits tax-free. I'd just need to reinvest in something that returns similar gains. Or maybe I should have sold AAPL and shorted FB. The second batch was purchased in my regular brokerage account a few years later. Whatever shares I sell from that account would be subject to capital gains. However, I'm thinking of keeping those in my...
Away from home, I'm currently using these earbuds: NuForce NE600M. They don't have volume control buttons on the cord, but that's really the only main shortcoming of these.While I haven't tried the new Apple EarPods, the NuForce are the best pair of $30 earbuds that I've used to date. I'm not interested in spending much more for travel since they get bashed around so much.At home I use my venerable Grado SR-80 headphones, but they are an open-air design and will leak sound...
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