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It is highly likely that other handset manufacturers will use the nano SIM. We'll remind you right now that it is an industry standard, not an Apple-exclusive design.The same thing with the current micro-SIM in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. There are plenty of other devices that use the micro-SIM. Regardless of whether or not T-Mobile USA ever gets the iPhone, they will undoubtedly start selling other handsets using the nano-SIM.It's not like there will be a two-year...
T-Mobile USA has serviced iPhone users on its network since the very first iPhone (jailbroken devices plus unlocked handsets purchased internationally). Since the iPhone 4, Apple has sold factory-unlocked USA handsets at full retail price. Apple commenced selling the unlocked, full-retail iPhone 4S about a month after the initial launch (and will likely do so with the iPhone 5). There are literally millions of iPhones on T-Mobile USA's network right now.Moreover, there are...
LOL, they still haven't repaired the damaged smiley system from the last forum upgrade.
Highly unlikely. I don't recall of any Silicon Valley company that offers tours to the public. Apple is highly secretive anyhow, they're pretty much the last Silicon Valley company that would open their doors to the public.It has been repeatedly stated that this is an engineering campus. It'll be a bunch of engineers in cubicles and some high-security labs that you'd never see. Heck, black cloth is draped over prototypes so other Apple employees can't see new concepts.Any...
If Android smartphones are so awesome, why aren't their users happier? After all, you aren't stuck with Apple's iTunes/App Store/iBookstore walled garden, you can customize to your heart's delight and install apps willy-nilly from all over the planet. Maybe total control by the end user over your phone isn't what it's cracked up to be... And what about those ginormous screens? Yeah, Apple's iPhone has a teeny 3.5" screen that is too small, blah blah blah, and yet...
This analysis is worthless. It only focuses on US launch dates. In most cases, even when new product availability eases up in the US, it is still constrained (or even not-yet-available) elsewhere in the rest of the world. Since almost two thirds of Apple's revenue comes from international markets, a US-focused analysis is completely bogus.
It depends on how much stuff you had on your phone, what you elected to back up, and how fast your Internet connection is.I'm backing up about 250MB at iCloud. My home Internet is pretty slow, so this might take a while.
The slotless Mac mini design is not new. It existed two years ago in the Mac mini server (Mid-2010), side-by-side with the single-HDD Mac minis.In 2011, Apple just switched to the slotless design which had already been around for an entire year.
LOL, AppleInsider got played. It looks Photoshopped: as in a photograph of a Photoshopped image displayed on a computer screen. Authenticity score: -2
Forget it.He doesn't get it. He still thinks the universe revolves around him and his personal interests. He's not really aware that there are other people with other interests, other priorities on this planet.
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