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The numbering of Apple's OS X operating system is really a marketing ploy/gimmick.If you use the major.minor.maintenance numbering model, there really are three major versions of OS X.10.0 - Cheetah (2001), the original release10.4 - Tiger (2005), the first version that eventually supported x86-based architecture (starting with version 10.4.4)10.6 - Snow Leopard (2009), the last version that supported PPC-based architecture, and what Apple called a total "under the hood...
No problems for me from either store (iTunes, App). It's probably a geographically localized issue. I'm in Silicon Valley, for what it's worth.
LOL, it's a Digitimes rumor. It's automatically tossed into the circular file.Not just by investors, but by pretty much everybody except the technology media who worship at the altar of the Almighty Pageview.
What are you talking about, "identical speed-wise"? The 4S is much faster in terms of processing (dual core CPU in iPhone 4S vs. single core CPU in iPhone 4), graphics, and cellular data (HSPA+ vs. HSPA). The iPhone 4S camera blows doors on the camera in the iPhone 4. Almost everything inside of the iPhone 4S is an upgrade from the iPhone 4. The only thing that really didn't change was the Retina display and the cosmetics. But yeah, the iPhone 4S is the one to get when...
The version number might be in your software update history.
F-A-I-LAnd congratulations, it looks like you pissed off a moderator.
Here's a typical low end Android phone. 600MHz CPU, 240x320 screen, QVGA video recording at 15 frames per second.
Nah, one of the first things Tim Cook did was to get Apple out of manufacturing. It's a low margin business and Apple wasn't good at it.Apple is spending a good amount of effort these days in controlling their own chip development as an ARM licensee, with their acquisitions of PA Semi, Intrinsity, and Anobit.
Android phones are adopted by a younger demographic and are typically the first smartphones when users switch from feature phones. That usually means the 18-25 year old crowd. Also, a huge number of Android handsets are cheapo touch screens sold in southeast Asia, that largely function as touch screen feature phones since there is little app purchasing and activity from that region.You'll find a lot more Android handsets at schools.Air travelers are a pretty different...
There's probably a price history for OS X Server somewhere on the fine Internet, I suggest you use your favorite search engine to find it.That said, $20 is by far the cheapest that OS X Server has been. It used to be priced in the hundreds of dollars as recently as a few years ago. I bought the Mac mini server in mid-2010 and it was basically priced as a souped-up Mac mini (with second hard drive, both running at a faster 7200rpm) and a copy of OS X Server thrown in for...
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