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(Shhh, don't take the fun out of this site...)
@SolipsismX: I just wanted to thank you for your forum signature. It's probably one of five or so bboard sig blocks that has actually been useful in the past three years.
That's a very American-centric observation.   Most Yahoo users aren't native English speakers. You completely forgot the rest of the world.   Also, Yahoo itself originally claimed that the name stood for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle" (the company's roots are in a web directory, the product now at dir.yahoo.com).   To most people on this planet, Yahoo is just the name of an Internet company. It doesn't mean anything else to them.   But enjoy your...
The weirdest thing are posters who deliberately go out of their way to post hard-to-read responses.   I've seen certain individuals strip out all of my carefully inserted punctualization and capitalization when they quote me in their response. I've inquired about the reasoning behind this action and all I've ever received is stony silence.   My guess is that these people are borderline sociopaths.   It is likely that bcbcbroderick is one of these people.
No, it would not.   Apple states iPhone sales in their quarterly financial results conference calls. From those calls, one should be able to determine a reasonable monthly production capacity, especially in the months in which the device is back ordered. 30 million iPhones per quarter is not atypical, but that's for a device that has most/all of its production kinks worked out. The initial production ramp months have less yield, so one would presume more time to make X...
And yet, that's how the current iPod touch is configured. The microphone is adjacent to the rear-facing camera. If you use the iPod touch as a VoIP phone (e.g., using Talkatone and Google Voice), you should turn it upside down and backwards.   The iPhone 4S has a second microphone on the top of the handset for ambient noise analysis. It really doesn't need to be there. It could easily move to the rear-facing camera.
EPEAT ratings are initially registered by the manufacturer. They are subsequently reviewed by the Green Electronics Council who can uphold or downgrade/refute the rating.   My guess is that the EPEAT criteria will be altered so the Retina MacBook Pro will qualify by the time the Green Electronics Council gets around to reviewing Apple's EPEAT self-proposed rating of the device.   Again, this sounds like a Steve Jobs style power play.   Apple: We want you to...
  G-Mo is correct.   The refurbished out-of-stock was a localized site error for some users, but not all.   I've had no issues in seeing refurbished items in the Apple Store.   MacRumors got this story correct. On Thursday.
Are you kidding? Apple was one of the most instrumentally involved companies in setting up the original EPEAT. They were one of the primary drivers.   And based on Mansfield's and Frisbee's quotes, it appears that Apple will have an even louder voice in how EPEAT evolves.
Here are the most interesting statements by both sides:   and         This alludes to some sort of power struggle between Apple Inc. and the Green Electronics Council.   Let's say Apple approaches the Green Electronics Council proposing changes to EPEAT, perhaps some that would disqualify some products from its competitors. Perhaps there was an uproar by others in the industry and the Council voted down on Apple's proposed changes to EPEAT.   Or what if it were something...
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