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Just buy both.
Yeah, that Retina Display is second-rate.If it was indeed sarcasm, he should have used a smiley. There are many non-native English speakers on this forum who would have a difficult time in identifying sarcasm.Even native English speakers can find online sarcasm hard to identify.
And still photography is just the tip of the iceberg. It's 720p HD video that chews up local storage. Try uploading a 250MB video on Verizon's EV-DO 3G network.
No, but you clicked on it and generated a pageview. That's all that counts these days. Journalism died in the mid-Nineties.
Ah, someone who has actually used a camera! Correct. A two-inch separation isn't going to give results like a wedding photographer's rig (flash brackets, flash cords, etc.). What it might do is nominally reduce red-eye on closer shots.
This report refutes claims by those who proclaimed that all Beatles fans already had their albums, so the release of the Beatles catalog on the iTunes Store was insignificant. It was pointed out at the time that new people are being born every day, and that the world's population is growing, so not everyone who might end up being a Beatles fan had their music. Also, it was noted that Michael Jackson's work completely dominated iTunes Store sales for about two weeks after...
Not anymore.Go back and reread the article. Acer is changing its business model because the iPad destroyed the netbook sector.Apple did not just knock on Acer's door. Acer left the door wide open, and Apple barged right in and drank all the beer in the fridge leaving Stan Shih with a bunch of empty bottles to take to the recycling bin.
We see your point. That said, AAPL has still outperformed the Nasdaq index. But you are right. It should have slaughtered the Nasdaq. It should be trading at $600 right now. Steve has done a massively poor job at communicating the value of Apple Inc.
$99 was the full retail price for MoblleMe. It was pretty easy to find it for $50-60 at Amazon.com, eBay, whatever.
There are a half dozen ways to measure "how big" or "how valuable" a company is, however Fortune has chosen to use revenue as the yardstick. Levered Free Cash Flow is a finer measurement, but not as commonly applied and not well understood by the general public. In a way, it's like baseball statistics. Everyone understands the oldest baseball statistic: the batting average (BA), but Runs Batted In (RBI) is a better measurement of offensive worth. Then there are more recent...
New Posts  All Forums: