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Yes, from the looks of it, apparently some people in Apple Engineering.
It's probably a combination of the Archos, maybe some obscure tablet from Nokia plus the miscellaneous Windows-based tablets that have been marketed preceding the iPad.
Multiple reasons. Some people are rougher on their phones. Some people want something grippier. Some people pick colorful/patterned cases for style/fashion. Some people... Get it?
All, some, none. There is a range of companies who manufacture such components. Is a component from Vendor 1 good enough for Customer A, but not good enough for Customer B who has higher standards? Do you eat McDonald's hamburgers, or will you only eat organic grass-fed beef burgers at independently owned restaurants? Apple prototypes many different designs using sample components from a wide variety of suppliers. There are many factors which influence the final decision:...
A company has to commit to that kind of behavior. You can't just go on releasing crapware hoping to eventually get it right some day. The brand will pick up a bad reputation; even today many people won't touch anything from Real Networks.Acer chased unit sales rather than profit margins by selling lots and lots of cheap, low-margin hardware. Recently they came to the conclusion that they were doing it wrong.The Acer CEO resigned and the founder basically said, "Sorry, we...
Nah, it wouldn't play out that way. At some point, the manufacturer would halt retail sales, then attempt to sell the remaining inventory to enterprise buyers with volume sales discounts. If a total enterprise sell through isn't achievable, then the leftover units would be cannibalized for parts.
My guess is that RIM uses modern supply chain management practices such as JIT or ERP and can slam the brakes on at any time.The people who run this company are seasoned business professionals. It's not a lemonade stand.
A Chinese telecommunications equipment company. They don't have a lot of presence outside of PRC, however since there 1.3 billion people in China, they still serve a large domestic market.
Correct.The iPad isn't kicking all PCs back to the curb. However, it's replacing the second, third, fourth PC.It may only be capable of doing 75-85% of what a conventional PC does, but you may be using the media tablet for 75% of the time, until you need to get "serious work" done.Cloud systems (Dropbox, Box.net, etc.) are already making the traditional PC hierarchical data storage paradigm irrelevant.
Well, to be perfectly honest, I am only using the Microsoft Natural Keyboard on my work (Windows 7) machine.I used to have the same keyboard on my home system (a Mac mini), but I've since switched to the Apple Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad (which is awesome).
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