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Hey, they make nice keyboards.
My guess is that the white variant will not change the gross margin by more than one-tenth of a percent. Whatever R&D it took, it's been written off. They'll make a profit from the white iPhone in an hour or so as stores in Asia open for business. We all know how much Apple loves their fat margins from the iPhone product line.
Because it doesn't cost them any more to make than the black version.This quarter, Apple will probably sell 18 million iPhones. 59% of their revenue comes from international markets and white consumer electronics are particularly popular in Europe and Southeast Asia. With an ASP of $600, that's $10.8 billion in revenue.It's worth it, both to customers as well as AAPL shareholders.
This has been available for a while from a number of third-party vendors. I can access my entire music library via Audiogalaxy. For video, Plex works well and the server component of the desktop app will transcode on the fly. You have to pay a few bucks for the iOS app, but thankfully it's a universal app, so you don't have to purchase twice (iPad and iPhone/iPod touch).
Especially when almost all of them turn out to be false.
Nah, the white iPhone 4 had the exact same specs as the black iPhone 4 at the initial announcement. It's just a different color of paint under the glass. After production delays continued, Apple removed marketing imagery, etc. from the website.There is no convincing reason to believe that the white iPhone 4 will differ internally from the black model.
This is really confusing. I haven't heard of a single rumor of the iPhone 5 being pushed back to 2012. There are many rumors pointing to a fall release. Tim Cook mentioned that the current generation of LTE chips are actually too beefy, in terms of physical size and power consumption. The AWS-compatible chip is probably the one being used in the Verizon iPhone. They don't need to make any more space for it. The software-based SIM functionality was unveiled many months ago...
First of all, white consumer electronics are very popular in some important markets, like Europe and Southeast Asia. 59% of Apple's revenue is from international markets, so from a business standpoint, if a large portion of your customers enjoy white products, it makes good sense to provide a choice when possible.It's really just a personal style choice. What shoes are you wearing today? Do you think they look good? Do you care?Apple moved away from white, not because of...
Those RAW photos fill up space quite fast. It's even more pronounced for AVCHD hi-def video. For most business users, the NAND flash memory storage is quite adequate.
Hard to say. The margins on music are razor thin, they get 30% of app sales. However, they keep all the revenue from the sale of their own apps, so the figure is definitely higher. There are different margins for the books and video products (movies, TV shows). The problem is we will never know what it costs for Apple to run the iTunes Store.If the iTunes Store was a substantial percentage of the overall net income, Apple would be obligated to provide more information...
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