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My wild-arsed guess for Q3: $26.8B revenue $6.60 EPS with lower margins due to increased iPad sales. I'll bookmark this, just to see how badly I'm off.
No, Apple considers mobile operators to be dumb pipes, nothing more. They don't fit Apple's business model of making scads of money of hardware sales. There is very little value-add to what Apple considers a utility.
Correct.The iPad 2 was on sale for the last two weeks of Q2 to one market. There was very little supply in bricks-and-mortars stores (in Apple's own retail stores as well as third-party stores). They didn't charge shipping orders for about a week, so they really only booked about a week's worth of online sales.They clearly had very limited inventory on hand at launch.Both the bloggers and the pros overestimated iPod and iPad sales.
The street thinks $100.75B revenue and $23.03 EPS. My guess is that revenue will be closer to $107B and $27.50 EPS.
Actual: $24.67B revenue, $6.40 EPS.
They just crushed it. Stock is up $9 in after-hours trading about $350 a share.
I don't own an iPhone. I have a fourth generation iPod touch and the latest iPad. Plus a third-party digital camera with movie functions. But thanks for asking.
Correct. Levi Strauss eliminated all their US domestic manufacturing about 15-20 years ago for this reason. If you wanted to buy US-manufactured 501s today, they would probably be around $200 dollars, similarly priced to Japanese denim jeans.
The faster processor helps with certain local applications. The dual-core A5 on my iPad 2 is great for photo and video editing. The cloud doesn't really provide a lot of value-add in this scenario. And if the 720p HD original footage lives locally, you don't really want to wait for it to upload to the cloud before editing. The network connectivity isn't always there. The cloud also doesn't help much in terms of 3D graphics performance (e.g., in games). Cloud integration...
This makes sense. Steve Jobs claimed that the iPhone 4 took 18 months of engineering. Apple is not staffed to come up with an entirely new iPhone design on an annual basis; everything else in their product line tends to have a ~2-3 year design cycle. Speed bumps/spec increases are pretty common at Apple with subsequent models being refinements of the existing design. It's also a way that Apple can maximize ROI from a particular design; we all know that they (and...
New Posts  All Forums: